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Jake Thompson’s keynote speaking + performance coaching CAN help YOUR AMBITIOUS LEADERS CREATE THEIR COMPETITIVE EDGE.

Hi, I'm Jake

athlete | author | entrepreneur | speaker

I teach people how to compete every day with themselves. By winning the day, we win in business and in life. 


Through lived experiences as an athlete, entrepreneur and speaker, I’ve battle-tested and mastered the secret to success. 


To achieving goals and making the impossible, possible. 


To being great, not just good enough. 


From my first ‘sales job’ at 7, going door-to-door selling Christmas cookies, to my initial business selling branded t-shirts in the trunk of my car, and onto today, as a leading keynote speaker and corporate coach, I’ve unlocked what it takes to be a winner.   


The life we desire is closer than we think. It’s the small shifts in our daily focus, mentally and practically, that build a winning life. 


Through my CE³ Model, I help teams, CEOs, athletes and students develop mental toughness, master consistency, and improve day after day. 


We all have a gift inside of us, but it takes courage, systems, and a competitive mindset to access it. I’ll show you how, so you’re not sitting on the bench, waiting for life. 

Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson
Executive Coach Jake Thompson

a gritty coach with lots of heart

The best business relationships call for a personal touch, beyond the spreadsheets and slides. Jake pushes his clients to the limits, but is all in, too.


Jake lives to win – with his clients, in his health, with his wife Elena, and within his community in Dallas.

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unlocking your potential starts now


My first book “Compete Every Day” explores the 7 key choices that Winners make every day to build an unbeatable mindset – and how you can too.

Unleash the
Leader Within

I release brief episodes multiple days a week packed full of actionable steps we can take to become better leaders & influencers in our work & life.

Start Your Day

I write a brief weekend email for leaders that will equip them with tools to improve their mindset and influence called “Weekends Separate Winners.”

my backstory

What started as an idea – reaching your full potential required having a competitive mindset – that I printed on shirts and sold out of the trunk of my car in 2011 blossomed into something much bigger.


I realized that many people were craving moremore from their career, more from their relationships, and more from themselves – but simply were held back by fear from doing so.


They wanted it – they simply needed to know how to forge the courage required to get started.


Over the last 12 years, I’ve worked with leaders and organizations all over the world, been featured in Forbes, and taught ambitious leaders how to develop the mindset and skills necessary to close the gap between their current position and their full potential.


In other words, I’ve spent over a decade helping leaders be more courageous in the pursuit of their full potential – and as a result, those leaders have elevated the tangible results they’ve created and the intangible leadership influence earned.


I’m a proud TCU Horned Frog (’06) and earned my MBA from the University of Dallas (’08). I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with my amazing wife & our three dogs, Sugar, Biscuit, & Donut.


Whether you are an ambitious professional looking to improve your mental game, an executive leader wanting to increase your leadership influence, or a company owner needing your team to elevate their performance, drop me a note. I’d love to partner with you.

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Jake Thompson, keynote speaker
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I would love to partner with you and share how a competitive mindset can change the trajectory of your company.