Are You Taking Two Steps Back?

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Are You Taking Two Steps Back?

It’s challenging to build consistent habits.

It’s nearly impossible to keep your momentum going if you’re always taking two steps backward on the weekend. 

I’m not saying you should put your nose to the grindstone twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. Every day you should have the mentality to get better, taking at least one step forward to improve, but in terms of your workload, what are you doing on the weekend to recover?

Even more importantly, what are you doing on the weekend to plan for next week?

Winners make the time to set aside 15-20 minutes every single weekend to read, work on their goals, work on their mobility, meal prep, or some other activity that’s going to advance them toward their goal.  Whatever it takes to set you up for success the following week.

If you follow this simple formula – 15-20 minutes each weekend – you add an extra 26 hours of productivity toward your goals over the course of a year. #WeekendsSeparateWinners

Everybody wishes they had more time.

If you want to be a person that has more time, then find a way to dedicate some time on your Saturday and Sunday to work on your goals.

Consistent effort over time creates championship results.  

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