Jake Thompson

How Competitors Handle Bad Coworkers

So you work with someone you absolutely cannot stand? Been there. Done that. Most all of us have. If you’ve…

What a 90 Minute Performance Actually Takes

I saw clips of Kevin Hart recently on the Joe Rogan Podcast on Twitter and decided to download the full interview. (Here’s…


Want to Improve Your Company’s Culture? Start with Accountability.

Accountability breeds a strong, positive culture – in the locker room and in the boardroom.

When an organization embraces accountability from the top to bottom, employees are empowered in their role, motivated to do it to the best of their abilities, and proactive to reach the goals they’ve set.

People strive to help and do more when they believe they’re a valuable contributor to the overall success of the organization.

Here are the three keys to building accountability within your organization:

Ansleys Soap

Lessons a Kid Entrepreneur Taught Me

I was fortunate to have coffee recently with a fourth-grade entrepreneur who’s out to make a difference. Ainsley started her…

How to be more confident

Growing Your Confidence is Like Building a House

Most of us become quite frustrated because unlike that fictional movie character, the process to growing our own confidence takes much longer than two hours.

And most of us quit trying, believing the lie that “it’s just not for us.” But the truth is, it is for you.

How to Win Your Day

Are You Going to Win the Day or Not?

Are you getting distracted by worrying about what everyone else is doing, believing they’re your competition? Or are you focused in on your finish line and what you’re really up against?

How to make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

To Make 2019 Great, Do This First

I explore what you need to do with last year before you can make 2019 your best year yet.

Learn the mindset that Competitors have when heading into a new year, and how you too can take this mindset to set yourself up for unparalleled growth in 2019.

How to make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

How to Make 2019 Your Best Year

Hope isn’t a winning strategy when it comes to making this year better than last. You need to take action, with a big picture plan – and a daily process to get there.

Here’s a formula I use to get crucial WINS each year and if applied, can make 2019 your best year yet.

championship trophy

Create Your Own Championship Culture

We all want to have a championship culture in our organization. But what does it actually look like and how can we build one?

Be self-confident

Why You Need to Be a Legend In Your Own Mind

Former NFL and Super Bowl Champion quarterback Trent Dilfer shared his story recently on a podcast. During the interview, he was asked how he handled the period of his career in Tampa where he was being openly booed in public by fans for the team’s poor performance. Dilfer laughed and replied that to be a winner in the league, you have to believe you’re a legend in your own mind.

He wasn’t making the case for blind arrogance, or an unwillingness to learn and get better, but instead, reinforcing the fact that you must be self-confident in order to be successful in life.

Here’s why.