Be Their Reason Why

Keep competing

Be Their Reason Why

People all around us are searching for inspiration.

They scout their social media feed, multiple times a day, for the right quote, the right picture, the right spark to help them. The world around us gives enough reasons every day to question if we actually “have what it takes.” Buy this. Do that. Believe this. Each and every one claiming to be the missing ingredient we need, the source of inspiration. They hear the doubts whisper in and wonder, “can I really be a Competitor if I think this?”

They’re desperate to believe that “yes, they are a Competitor, and yes, they can win.”

So what if you were the reason why they did believe?

What if it’s because of what you posted online, someone found encouragement to give their goal more time?

What if it’s because of a conversation they had with you, someone chose to break a bad habit and replace with a good one?

What if it’s because of your story, someone was inspired to stop taking what society says they “have to do,” and finally started following their heart?

What if it’s because of you someone chose to compete every day?

Be the reason why someone starts to feel good about themselves. Be the reason why someone choose courage and overcoming fear instead of comfort. Be the reason why someone finds hope.

Be someone’s reason why they keep competing.

Be someone’s reason why this week.


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