Better Every Day

Jake Thompson, compete every day

Better Every Day

“The whole idea is to make progress and get better every day and try and stay in the moment. You do that whether you are in last place or trying to build up or whether you are in position for fighting for (playoff) seeding.” – Brad Stevens, Boston Celtics head coach

Do you ever feel exhausted when visualizing how much farther you have to go?

I remember that day, not too terribly long ago, when I opened my credit card statements and saw that between four cards, I had about $200 available credit. Every one of them were maxed out. How did this happen? I asked myself. And how the hell do I fix it?

I was fighting back tears, anxiety, and if I’m honest, overwhelming fear at what to do next. I had dug myself a hole trying to build a business and now was in a position that I felt would bury me. After a near panic attack, I took a few deep breaths and started to evaluate the situation.

I didn’t get into this situation in one day or with one purchase, so I won’t get out the same way. What can I do today to get into a better situation tomorrow than I am right now?

I began reviewing all of my expenses to see what could immediately be cut out and what needed further review. I reduced my spending, forced myself to get more creative in marketing, and then I start competing even harder.

But I didn’t get out of that situation in a single day. I got out of it by asking myself one thing every morning: How can I get into a better situation today? Then I would proceed to go out and make decisions accordingly. I didn’t stress about the next month or next year, I only focused on how to improve my decisions that day that would improve my situation.

It may be debt. It may be a weight-loss goal. It may be starting a business. It may be a GIANT dream you’re struggling to reach. You can’t do it all in one fell swoop, but you can do something today to make your situation even better tomorrow. One day builds on the next, and on and on. Pretty soon you’re where you want to be, but only after focusing on improvement every single day.

Only after choosing to Compete Every Day to be better than yesterday.

Today, be present. Focus on today and how every decision you make can set you up for a better tomorrow.

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