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Compete against your old best

A Better Way to Use Social Media

Watch others – but don’t desire to be them. One of the challenges I had with social media is the…

Jake Thompson, speaking workshop

Do They See…or Hear You First?

What comes first for your team? Do they hear you bark instructions about what standard they should be performing up…

Teamwork Workshop

Why Being Vulnerable is Key to Building a Championship Team

One of the biggest “misses” that companies make in trying to build a winning culture is forgetting vulnerability.

Vulnerability is crucial to a strong company culture & a leader’s ability to influence because it’s that one thing that allows true connection between you and the people you’re trying to influence.

Here are three ways to inject a level of vulnerability into your team to foster a championship culture.

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Are You Celebrating or Sulking?

What matters most to you – winning or getting all of the credit? Michael Jordan was quickly emerging as one…

Jake Thompson, speaker

You’re Not Alone Battling Imposter Syndrome

I originally sat down and wrote this to you about two hours before I took the stage for 350 insurance industry…

How Leaders Can Handle a Bad Coworker

Is that someone using your favorite coffee mug again? Is that someone in a sour mood, all of the time,…


A Super Example of Positive Leadership

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is already a household name, regardless if he wins Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV. The…


What Kobe Bryant Taught Me

The world lost a legend today when Kobe Bryant and four passengers were tragically killed in a helicopter crash. It’s…


How to Encourage Grit in Your Organization

It doesn’t matter how exhausted or hurt you are, we never ring the bell. One of the most well-known parts…

What I Read (Leadership Books)

What I Read Last Month (November 2019)

I’ve shared my favorite reads from over the years on my website here, but thought it would be beneficial to you…