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The Power of the Little Things

You don’t need to be John Cusack holding a boombox outside of someone’s window to get their attention. That’s going…

How Leaders Can Handle a Bad Coworker

Is that someone using your favorite coffee mug again? Is that someone in a sour mood, all of the time,…


How to Encourage Grit in Your Organization

It doesn’t matter how exhausted or hurt you are, we never ring the bell. One of the most well-known parts…

Gridiron Genius

5 Lessons for Sales Teams from Gridiron Genius

Football was always my first love and I’ll take the time to read any book that dives into the intricacies…

Is It Even Worth the Effort?

Is it even worth investing the time to train a new hire who is going to ultimately leave?

I know from experience how frustrating it can be to invest time into training someone who leaves you. However, the alternative is always worse and you can use the opportunity to build your own career in these 3 ways.