Goal Crushing

quarterback throwing

Grateful for the Wait

The waiting period before an opportunity can be the worst. It’s like purgatory. The startling line is in your rearview…

Jake Thompson, outwork your talent

Why Bigger Goals Make Better People

Are your goals big enough? Unless we’re constantly bumping up against our current “limit,” we never create the opportunity to…

One Thing Failure is Good For

Failure sucks. No one wants it, not even Champions. But there is one good thing that comes from failure IF…

Consistency is Key to Challenges

Consistency has a funny way of cracking challenges and crushing our goals. Most of us just fail to be consistent…


Meet Someone at 6am

If you want to be more consistent, raise the stakes. Take for instance, working out. If you set a goal…

Compete against your old best

A Better Way to Use Social Media

Watch others – but don’t desire to be them. One of the challenges I had with social media is the…

Chelsea Potter pushups

It’s Just Like Burpees

Why would anyone ever smile after doing burpees? That’s the question I asked myself as I walked to my car…

How to make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

How to Make 2019 Your Best Year

Hope isn’t a winning strategy when it comes to making this year better than last. You need to take action, with a big picture plan – and a daily process to get there.

Here’s a formula I use to get crucial WINS each year and if applied, can make 2019 your best year yet.

All go, no quit competitor

Your Dream Is Worth It

If it’s your big dream, it’s worth…

How to Set – and CRUSH – Big Goals

How do you set a big goal and just smash the shit out of it? You’ve got to have accountability….