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How to Set – and CRUSH – Big Goals

How do you set a big goal and just smash the shit out of it?

You’ve got to have accountability. Every big dream, every big goal that you set requires accountability in order to reach it.

So, let’s break this down.

A big goal you may have for this year is that you want to get a ton stronger. That’s not really specific. Maybe you want to get a little stronger. Maybe a ton stronger. What’s the difference in those two? If you don’t set a specific goal, you cannot have anything to aim at.

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Goals - Video

Action Trumps Perfection

Why do so many of us fall into the lie of waiting for a “perfect” time?

It’s as if we’re waiting to believe we suddenly receive inspiration, like an epiphany that comes to us. In all reality, we find inspiration by taking action and moving forward. Just like a snowball slowly rolls until it builds into an avalanche, so must we start out by moving forward.

This week’s message shares that even if it’s not perfect, starting with something always beats waiting on perfection.

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Goals - Video

Bang on the Door

Are you going to let one door being slammed in your face stop you from reaching your goals?

How about 50 doors?

In this week’s Monday Motivation episode, Jake shares how you should follow the lead of Hollywood’s best and keep banging on the door until someone answers.

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Goals - Positivity

What’s More Important Than Your Fears?

“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.”  – C. JoyBell

I love movies, and especially when a story is so powerfully told in a manner that makes you leave the theater in silence. The best stories are the ones that are true. I left two different movies in the last month with the same sense of awe in what I had just seen retold. The two movies?

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Stopping After 18 Minutes

There is a funny quote on Instagram that goes through every CrossFitter’s head during the course of a 20-minute, “as-many-reps-as-possible” workout. It goes:

  • 0:25 – 1st round under 30 seconds, I’m going to kill this workout
  • 1:15 – started too fast, can’t breathe
  • 5:00 – where is the chalk bucket?
  • 10:00 – half way? Screw my life..
  • 15:00 – that damn clock is broken..
  • 18:00 – coach is watching, keep moving, don’t die.
  • 20:00 – oh thank goodness
  • 25:00 (5 minutes post-workout): that wasn’t too bad, I could’ve gotten another round

Every person I’ve showed that to who has experienced a 20-minute workout like this immediately laughs. They know the feeling. They remember wanting to absolutely die during the workout. They remember staring in disbelief that it’s only been 10-minutes of the 20 minute workout. And they all remember the thoughts in their head of quitting.

The thoughts that at minute 16:00 say, “you can stop now, just slow down.” Or perhaps the ones at minute 18:00 encouraging you to pack it in early. Seriously, you just poured yourself out for 18 minutes and you’d honestly consider quitting with 120 seconds left?

That’s like picking up the football at your own 1-yard-line, juking the entire defense twice, and then laying down at the opponents two-yard-line, just short of a touchdown because you got “tired.” Of course you wouldn’t do that. You’d dive into the endzone having received your goal.

Same applies to life.

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