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Your Dream Is Worth It

All go, no quit competitor

If it’s your big dream, it’s worth…

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Personal Growth

You’ll Never Be 100% Ready

Jake Thompson speaking

But if you keep waiting on that “perfect” time, you’ll never move off of the starting line.

I’ve been working on a new keynote for my upcoming speaking engagements. I’ve written it (and rewritten it) numerous times trying to refine the messaging for the best impact. I’ve read through it aloud, recorded myself reading it aloud, and can recite sections flawlessly.

But I still don’t feel close to ready with it. I could work on the speech for the next five years and it’ll still not be “ready” if I think about it. It’s still a work in progress in my eyes – it will always be a work in progress in my eyes.

Guess what happens if I’m constantly working on that speech instead of giving that speech? That’s right, I’m not actually a speaker. I have a great written keynote, but if it’s never performed, can it ever positively impact someone else?

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Personal Growth

Bumps & Bruises

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It’s been a whirlwind start to the year and if you’re anything like me, it feels like I’m already a behind just a few weeks in. Right?

I spent this past week in Philadelphia with a handful of other public speakers working on our new keynote speeches and training to be better storytellers. One evening, a group of us went out to dinner and started talking about the experience. The conversation hit me right between the eyes as something I think you can relate to.

Each one of us sharing how we thought we knew how to speak effectively from the stage, but the last few days had busted our egos pretty good. We were being hard on ourselves while trying to better ourselves – and ironically, that doesn’t work.

One of the guys in our group made the analogy that he’d just come to terms with. A lifelong skier, he shared that if he were going to take up snowboarding, he’d expect to spend a few days falling, getting beat up & bruised rolling down the mountain while training to pick up this new skill. He knew how to ski a mountain great, but trade his skis for a snowboard and he’d be in trouble.

He’d expected the bumps & bruises snowboarding, but was being down on himself for going through the same experience learning how to better perform from the stage as a storyteller.

The snow was the same, but the equipment was different. His speech was slightly the same, but the delivery was different. Why wouldn’t he have bumps and bruises? Like him, I get incredibly frustrated by slow progress, even though in a different arena, I’d expect the progress to be slow and painful.

Can you relate to that feeling?

We start out toward a new goal and become immediately frustrated when we struggle with it – yet, how many of us would be that hard on ourselves if picking up a new sport or trying a new hobby? Most likely, we wouldn’t be at all. We’d understand it’s part of the process of improvement and would continue working away.

In other words, we wouldn’t let a few bumps or bruises cause us to quit.

The same mindset applies to the pursuit of our goals. Any new adventure is going to have a slower, rockier beginning. Don’t be so hard on yourself for that skinned knee or bruised ego. It’s all part of the process.

Just keep competing. You’ll get there.

I believe in you.

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Personal Growth

My Three Words for 2017

Jake Thompson, my three words


What will define your 2017?

Each year, I anxiously anticipate Chris Brogan’s “My 3 Words..” blog post. It’s become tradition to read the post, meditate, and set the theme for my own key words of 2017. It also become my annual challenge to live outside of my comfort zone because these three words are to hold me accountable for the next 365 days.

Here’s how it works (taken from

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Personal Growth

Courage Over Comfort

Courage or comfort? What will you choose? Do you want your life to be remembered as one represented by courage, or as one represented by comfort? The best stories – and lives – are those dictated by courage.

Here’s how you can live more boldly with yours.

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