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Personal Growth

How Travel Helped Me Reach My Goals

I’ve been driving all over the United States since I started Compete Every Day back in 2011. Like many of you, I planned out my road trips with the best music playlists & invested in XM/Sirius Satellite Radio in order to get my favorite sports talk no matter where I was. In 2013, I shifted to audiobooks, cranking out two of my favorites, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller (affiliate link), & Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I loved getting lost on the open highway in a great book.

But that was simply a way to help me pass the time. It wasn’t helping me improve how I served others or how Compete Every Day operated. And then I got hooked on podcasts.

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Personal Growth

Growing Pains

[blogoma_blockquote ]Our growth is never in the easiest of times. Sunny, calm days do not make us stronger individuals. It is only in times of turbulence and storms do we grow stronger. Just as an athlete cannot strengthen his muscles without forcing them to lift a heavy load, our spirits do not grow without enduring the hardest of times.[/blogoma_blockquote]

Just a reminder for your Thursday. Embrace the “suck” in life when it hits. These will be the moments that strengthen you more for tomorrow. Never give up friends.

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Mindset - Personal Growth

How to Compete for your Best Life

Or what I’ve finally learned saying good-bye to my 20’s.

I’ve sat and chewed on this post for a few weeks now. Honestly, I knew exactly what I wanted to say but had no ideawhere to start. It’s been an incredibly hard, yet rewarding season this past year. Heading into my 30th birthday, the last few months have been full of reflection and refocusing on the direction I’m headed and most of all, what’s important in life. But ultimately, what does a life – the best life full of only important things – look like?

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