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Do They See…or Hear You First?

What comes first for your team? Do they hear you bark instructions about what standard they should be performing up…

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Why Being Vulnerable is Key to Building a Championship Team

One of the biggest “misses” that companies make in trying to build a winning culture is forgetting vulnerability.

Vulnerability is crucial to a strong company culture & a leader’s ability to influence because it’s that one thing that allows true connection between you and the people you’re trying to influence.

Here are three ways to inject a level of vulnerability into your team to foster a championship culture.

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Four Leadership Lessons from Ford v. Ferrari

This post is the first of many categorized as “Leadership and Popcorn Lessons” that I’ll share business and leadership takeaways…

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Do the Dirty Work

I grew up working in a small town gas station my Dad owned in east Texas. Starting at the age…

Never Give Up an At-Bat

Last night my Texas Rangers lost to the Minnesota Twins 13-6. I turned the game on during the 5th inning…

Is It Even Worth the Effort?

Is it even worth investing the time to train a new hire who is going to ultimately leave?

I know from experience how frustrating it can be to invest time into training someone who leaves you. However, the alternative is always worse and you can use the opportunity to build your own career in these 3 ways.

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Create Your Own Championship Culture

We all want to have a championship culture in our organization. But what does it actually look like and how can we build one?

How to be better than yesterday

How to (Actually) Be Better Than Yesterday

Do you know who you’re competing with? Who are you looking toward as your competition? Who do you see on…