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Category: The Competitor Mindset

How’s Your Perspective

This week’s Monday Motivation is a reminder about the importance of perspective. How you view an obstacle determines your attitude & actions.

Look at David & Goliath. Every Israelite was terrified of Goliath. They saw the giant as an impossible victory. But not David. David had a different perspective – one in which he knew he would win – and acted accordingly.

Do the obstacles we face in life hinder us and hold us paralyzed with fear? Or do we view them as possible victories?

Being Realistic

Being "realistic" is the quickest way to Mediocrity

“Be realistic.”

Those two words are the most damaging to your dreams. “Being realistic” is accepting things as they are and lowering your goals. “Being realistic” means changing your dreams to fit inside their expectations of what you’re capable. “Being realistic” means living by their rules.

Not your own.

“Be realistic” is the phrase people tell you when they lack the vision to dream as big as you do – and the willpower to pursue dreams of that magnitude. It’s not that you can’t. It’s that they can’t, so therefore they assume you can’t. It’s a good thing your life isn’t dictated by what they believe to be reality. It’s dictated by what you do.

Don’t “be realistic” – be outrageous. Be flamboyant. Be wild.

Be YOU. Dream YOUR dreams. Set YOUR goals. Create YOUR life. Refuse to “be realistic.”

Dream big. Live bigger. Always.

Quit Waiting on Permission

Most people are waiting to act. They hesitate to try something new, as if they are looking to others in order to give them the necessary permission to do so. Good friend Chris Brogan talks about this very struggle quite a bit – and he is phenomenal at reminding you the core truth. You don’t need someone else’s permission to do great things.

I came across this little reminder on Pinterest and was immediately compelled to share.

How to Compete for your Best Life

Or what I’ve finally learned saying good-bye to my 20’s.

I’ve sat and chewed on this post for a few weeks now. Honestly, I knew exactly what I wanted to say but had no ideawhere to start. It’s been an incredibly hard, yet rewarding season this past year. Heading into my 30th birthday, the last few months have been full of reflection and refocusing on the direction I’m headed and most of all, what’s important in life. But ultimately, what does a life – the best life full of only important things – look like?

The Identity Crisis

This past weekend was a big one for all of my readers who CrossFit. The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games entered its second week of The Open workouts.

For those unfamiliar with The Open, it’s a five-week competition that trims the field of 68,000+ competitors down to the top 60 men/women from each region (and top 30 teams) for its regionals competitions – the stepping stone on the way to the 2012 CrossFit Games in Los Angeles in July.

This week’s workout, 12.2 as its known, was a 10-minute workout of max snatches. A snatch is an olympic lift that consists of moving a barbell from the ground to overhead in one swift movement. The snatch is a very technical lift. You can be a beast of a man, but if your technique sucks, you will not be able to snatch much weight.