Panthers fan

Are You Playing Fantasy Football with Your Career?

Football season has returned, and with it, fantasy football. It’s the time of year when more than 59 million North…

Chelsea Potter pushups

It’s Just Like Burpees

Why would anyone ever smile after doing burpees? That’s the question I asked myself as I walked to my car…

Winning Their Approval

I remember being made fun of during middle school for “flooding.” The “cool” girl who sat behind me reminded me…

Ansleys Soap

Lessons a Kid Entrepreneur Taught Me

I was fortunate to have coffee recently with a fourth-grade entrepreneur who’s out to make a difference. Ainsley started her…

How to be more confident

Growing Your Confidence is Like Building a House

Most of us become quite frustrated because unlike that fictional movie character, the process to growing our own confidence takes much longer than two hours.

And most of us quit trying, believing the lie that “it’s just not for us.” But the truth is, it is for you.

How to make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

To Make 2019 Great, Do This First

I explore what you need to do with last year before you can make 2019 your best year yet.

Learn the mindset that Competitors have when heading into a new year, and how you too can take this mindset to set yourself up for unparalleled growth in 2019.

Be self-confident

Why You Need to Be a Legend In Your Own Mind

Former NFL and Super Bowl Champion quarterback Trent Dilfer shared his story recently on a podcast. During the interview, he was asked how he handled the period of his career in Tampa where he was being openly booed in public by fans for the team’s poor performance. Dilfer laughed and replied that to be a winner in the league, you have to believe you’re a legend in your own mind.

He wasn’t making the case for blind arrogance, or an unwillingness to learn and get better, but instead, reinforcing the fact that you must be self-confident in order to be successful in life.

Here’s why.

Know what you're competing against

Do You Even Know You’re Already Competing Every Day?

“Compete every day? No, that’s not me. I don’t like to compete.”

Does that response sound like something you’d say? I used to hear it quite often at tradeshows with the Compete Every Day team. Visitors would be walking the expo floor, stop in the booth to shop the apparel and then see the brand name and give me that line.

They believed that if they didn’t join a fitness competition or play competitive sports that they, in fact, weren’t ever competing.

It’s not that they weren’t competing against something, it’s just that they didn’t realize they were. 

How I killed my excuses

How I Killed My Excuses – And So Can You

“Excuses are lies we tell ourselves so that it doesn’t have to be our fault.” – Chris Creed

There are a million excuses that I can whip out of thin air instantaneously. We all can.

Because using excuses is easier than doing what we need to get done.

But as you’ve heard me say all month, excuses don’t get the job done. Excuses don’t add an extra “0” to your bank account and they won’t help you reach your goals. Excuses don’t create champions – and Champions don’t create excuses.

So how did I break up – and then kill – the excuses my inner critic was trying to create?

Here are the four actions I took to curb, and then bury, the excuses I caught myself going back to time and time again.

What to do when you lack motivation

Finding Motivation When You’re In a Rut

A friend recently asked for help getting out of his rut. He’s been a competitive athlete the last decade and…