Elevate your performance in your work, relationships, + life by discovering how to build your own Championship mindset.

From a Client....

“I’ve always been a ‘realistic dreamer’ and tend to struggle with a.) dreaming bigger and b.) creating a road map on how to execute these goals.

Being brand new to an industry I was only somewhat familiar with, but also taking on a completely different role – I knew I needed help. Jake not only encouraged me to aim higher, but he also did really great in juggling my “realist” while also challenging me.

We talked about new daily processes, strategies I was doing regularly but wanted to change up, big wins, and a few losses/ hard lessons learned.

Not only did our conversations help me to remain energized, they also kept me focused which in turn produced fantastic results.

I proudly went from being a total newbie to my team and my industry to being the TOP sales professional in my company for the first quarter!

The best part of this success is that it wasn’t even a goal I had set or that we were intentionally working towards. I was merely focused on achieving the small victories every day and wound up with a big win that my “realistic self” would have never imagined.

I HIGHLY recommend working with Jake as he has truly changed my life and shifted my perspective and career entirely.

– Lindsey G

It takes a special mindset and attitude to win.

Most people you know will avoid doing the work required to win. They’ll dream of achieving their many goals but take no action to accomplish them. They’ll wish for great changes in their life, but only if someone else gives it to them. They finish their career & lives having never taken action to create the change they desire.

Look around you at work, the gym, or at the supermarket.

The majority of people you interact with are simply “just getting by.” They lack the mindset required to reach their full potential, and they lack the willpower to build a thriving career, not because they weren’t born with the skills, but because they didn’t choose to build it.

Champions choose better.

Competitors show up every day for themselves. They create a daily plan to build the skills they lack & create the change they desire. And they don’t do it alone.

Are you someone who...?

X Struggles to focus on the *right* tasks in order to advance your career.

X Stays constantly busy – but rarely ever moves forward toward their goal.

X Knows what they *need* to do but can’t find the motivation to do it.

X Has BIG goals but no idea on how to create a plan to reach them.

X Battles a negative self-talk & wants to build a more positive mindset. 

X Lacks accountability to stick with what they said they’d do.

What You Get When You Join The COMPETITOR Coaching Program:

1-on-1 coaching

You’ll receive two (2) private coaching calls per month where we work developing your winning systems & mindset. I’m here to help you build the habits that will allow you to reach your target goals. 


Our calls will focus on building your laser-focus, positive self-talk, & daily systems in order to strength your Winning Mindset & life.


This is a “no BS” relationship. You’ll be held accountable to doing the work & following through with your commitments. I want to see you win – and in order to do that, we’ll focus on getting things DONE.


You’ll get worksheets & training manuals that have been used to build proven, winning routines. We’ll work together on how to customize them to fit your goal pursuits.


You’ll receive a brief email each morning at 6am to help you start the day with focus & intention required to win that day & build your leadership influence.

From a Client....

“When I started working with Jake I was very unsure of my goals and what I was worth. Jake asked the tough questions and would not let me hide in comfort and denial.

His insight and guidance helped me understand the steps I needed to be better every day and get even one step closer to my goals. Flash forward one year later and I am in a leadership position at work and I am still using the tools he gave me to be greater than my excuses.” – Ashlee

Are You Ready to Start Winning?

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