Jake Thompson | Dallas Keynote Speaker and Peak Performance Coach


The Competitor Mindset Coaching

My individual coaching programs are designed for ambitious people who desire to make a greater impact – at work, in their health, in their relationships, & in  life.

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or confused about which steps to take towards your goals?

Do you get so consumed by all your immediate tasks, that you never seem to have time to level up and achieve your biggest dreams?

Is everyone giving you conflicting advice, which only leaves you feeling paralyzed and unsure of your own competitor instincts?

I’ve mentored entrepreneurs, side hustlers, trainers, and driven individuals who know they get one life and have a desire to go from good to unstoppable in it.

My program is an excellent fit if you…

  • Feel “stuck” in your business or life
  • Desire to make a greater impact as a leader in life
  • Need accountability to become the person capable of achieving your set goals
  • Are ready to break through the mental barriers and unconscious beliefs that consistently hold you back from making progress
  • Know deep down you’re capable of more
  • Need someone in your corner who is willing to encourage AND challenge you to be greater
  • Are ready to become a Champion who excels by taking the steps necessary to level up in life

Together, we will design a unique step-by-step plan so that you know HOW to specifically achieve your own definition of success. We’ll address obstacles you currently (or will) face and how to attack them.

Plus, as your coach, I will hold you accountable to achieving those goals (and push you when you’re not!).

We’ll regularly communicate to ensure you’re focused, working toward your defined goal, and pursuing your true Championship potential.

Each program requires a minimum four month commitment so that we are both committed to investing in your success. I know I am. Are you?

Program Includes:

  • Introduction 1-on-1 call to address current situation, focus, and goals
  • Weekly one-on-one private coaching calls
  • Private Facebook group filled with Competitors
  • Game plan strategy development
  • Weekly progress accountability
  • Exclusive access to private interviews with successful Competitors
  • Weekly Mindset Training Email (only for coaching clients!)
  • Unlimited email access to me

Plus a locked-in current pricing for future coaching commitments!

Are you ready to invest in yourself to become the Championship performer you know deep down you’re capable of being?

“Being mentored by Jake Thompson has been unreal. He helped me get my podcast off the ground and think through next steps. He’s full of knowledge in multiple arenas and shares it. It’s safe to say my podcast and plan to create income through it wouldn’t be here without Jake.  He’s helped me think through what to do, how to do it, and where to go if I need additional resources. If you’re looking to work with a mentor, Jake’s your man!

What You’re Going to Get:

  • 1-on-1 Gameplan Session ($149 value)
  • 16x 1-on-1 private coaching calls ($1,999 value)
  • 8x training videos ($153 value)
  • Game plan strategy development ($599 value)
  • Growth Playbook ($199 value)
  • Unlimited email access to me

Total Value: $3,099

But I’m not going to charge you for all of that…

You got it, that’s great news.

And here’s some even better news…

I’m not even charging you half for it.

But before we do anything, I want to hop on a introductory call with you to learn more about your challenges and story.

Completely free of charge.

Consider it an interview (for both of us!) before committing to starting a working relationship.

Ready to Invest In Yourself?

Act now so you can finally rise to the Championship level you know you were created to play at.

This offer won’t last long. I only taken on a limited number of coaching clients each year so each one gets my undivided attention to helping them achieve success.

But first, I want to share a few thoughts.

A lot of people will read this page and say to themselves, “I want to change. I really do. I believe I’m capable of more. But…. maybe I should wait until January 1, then I can start a new year fresh.”

They’re excited about working with someone to make the necessary changes required to level up. But they believe that a specific future date is when they have to start. They trick themselves into believing that next year will finally be better timing to make a change.

Until it isn’t.

And they wait another year. Maybe it’s 2020, maybe 2025, maybe….never?

And that’s ok for them, because that’s not the type of person I want to work with.

A perfect “one day” never arrives, for any of us. So people that want to wait for it will spend their entire life waiting. And I don’t have time to wait for it.

And neither should you.

We only get one shot at life. Why should we wait for a “perfect time” when we can start taking action today to live like the Champion we were uniquely created to be? Why delay reaching our best life any more?

Remember, the sooner you start, the sooner you succeed.