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Join other leaders who are increasing their influence, network, and actively bridging the gap to their full potential.

Learn how to become a more influential leader that gets better results.

The #1 Coaching & Mentoring Program
For Leaders, Not Followers.

Most leaders lack the training & skills required to excel in leadership.


We teach you how to increase performance & impact as a leader so you don’t end up like most new

leaders – burnt out, busted, & begging to go back to their old, ‘easier’ role.

The Difference Between
having a new position & excelling in it.

Becoming an impactful leader is no easy feat. It requires you to forge the mindset, focus & habits that allow you to consistently strive for more without burning out. It involves switching from a fixed to a growth mindset. And it forces you to prioritize choices and circles that build you up rather than drag you down.

The Competitor Cohort is a small group coaching and mentoring program for leaders seeking ways to improve their own performance & the performance of their team members.


Leaders in the Cohort will learn how to build positive habits, better manage & coach their direct reports, learn effective ways to manage their time, and cultivate better influence to motivate & lead their teams.

Learn how you can go from surviving in your leadership role to thriving in it!

tap into Your potential
to influence & lead better.

six months of group coaching

Join other driven professionals in this special community.


Live group coaching calls

Live group coaching calls twice every month.

Monthly training & worksheets

Resources & guides to help you continue growing.

1-on-1 access to jake*

Ability to upgrade and receive one-to-one Voxer coaching access to Jake.

membership perks

Exclusive membership perks, including access to our Text Club & 30% discounts on all orders at

Former Participants, Current Champions

Working with Jake challenged me to think about my performance in new ways and provided me the push to implement the tools he introduced to me. He provides a great balance of instruction and self-reflection that allowed me to design a workflow that fit my style.

The greatest benefit was his inspirational accountability that pressed me to follow through on those things I told him I was going to do in a way that made me want to perform as opposed to having to perform. The tools he provided me were cemented into my process and have been easily recallable to implement in my own and my teams development.


“When I started working with Jake I was a very unsure of my goals and what I was worth.
Jake asked the tough questions and would not let me hide in comfort and denial. His insight and guidance helped me understand the steps I needed to be better every day and get even one step closer to my goals.
One year later and I am in a leadership position at work and I am still using the tools he gave me to be greater than my excuses.”


Coaching sessions with Jake have been transformative and instrumental to my current level of success. I signed up for coaching once I made the decision to change careers after 25+ years.

Jake is a compassionate, educated, and insightful leader and mentor. I continue to be impressed by his ability to quickly analyze challenges and provide both solutions and accountability.

Coaches need coaches. Mentors need mentors. Jake has been both a coach and mentor who has helped me discover the accessory work that I needed to complete in order to be my best on the competition floor of my profession.

I plan on having Jake on my coaching staff for a long time. Put him on yours – and you will quickly understand why his services are so highly desired.


I’ve always been a “realistic dreamer” and tend to struggle with a.) dreaming bigger and b.) creating a road map on how to execute these goals.

Jake not only encouraged me to aim higher, but he also did really great in juggling my “realist” while also challenging me.

Our conversations kept me focused on the homework which in turn produced fantastic results. I proudly went from being a total newbie to my team and this side of the industry, to being the top sales professional in my company for the first quarter.

I HIGHLY recommend getting to know this amazing individual as he has truly changed my life and shifted my perspective and career entirely.”


TWO Membership Options


Six Month Membership Commitment
$ 359
  • Two LIVE group coaching calls each month
  • Cohort Workbook
  • Morning Text Club membership
  • Private Community Club Access
  • 30% OFF code for all gear purchases
  • Ability to add Shirt of the Month Club*


Six Month Membership Commitment
$ 499
  • Two LIVE group coaching calls each month
  • Cohort Workbook
  • Morning Text Club membership
  • Private Community Club Access
  • 30% OFF code for all gear purchases
  • 1:1 Voxer Access to Jake

Not ready to commit for six months? You can join the standard cohort for $99/mo right here.

increase your influence.