Build a Strong Team

How to build a game-changing mentality within your team to maximize performance & get stronger results

About Compete Every Day Program

What would your company look like if every one of your employees was reaching their goals, and along the way, their full potential?


Employee happiness & engagement would increase. Productivity would increase. And most of all, your organization’s growth would increase. It’d be game-changing, but sounds too good to be true, right?


It doesn’t have to be.


In my experience working with ambitious people and teams, we far too often get caught up in comparison rather than embracing competition in a new light.


But in order to reach our full potential, and become more effective at reaching our professional goals along the way, we have to test our current limits and compete every day against ourselves in a collaborative environment with our teammates.


Discover how your team’s greatest competition lies within themselves, and by embracing that competition, can propel themselves toward new heights in their professional and personal lives.


Your audience will leave encouraged, equipped, and excited to compete every day – and your company will be fueled with forward momentum.

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who it's for:

This program is the perfect fit for a team looking to reach more consistent results, shift their culture toward winning, & improve their collaboration internally to better compete externally. (Company-wide events, team-building events, leaders, associations).


*The importance of “can’t see” choices when it comes to tremendous “can’t miss” results


*How to invest in your peers to enhance your culture


*Invest in your relationships to develop a powerful network


*Adopt a “Me Vs. Me” attitude to unlock your full potential

what clients say:

“I have been following Jake’s blog for a number of years and always appreciate his endless energy and no-nonsense approach to overcoming challenges.


We had Jake speak at our 2022 sales conference and he provided an even better in-person and motivational experience for our team. His willingness to engage on a personal basis and to take time to understand how we’re building our business made him a crowd favorite.”


-John Mina, CEO, Risk Strategies