Understand Your Controllables

Discover how to master what’s in your control instead of work distracted by what’s not

About This Program

How much time and energy do we consistently waste by focusing on what’s outside of our control? Organizations are full of finger-pointing, excuse making, and distracted teams who are fixated on what they can’t control instead of owning what they can and using it to more effectively respond to challenges.


We control our attitude, effort, and actions. No outside forces. In this talk, your team will learn how to tap into their highest potential – by seizing control of what’s within their reach and putting it into a daily plan of attack.


This program will teach your team how to discern what’s in their control and channel a tunnel vision focus. Show your team what they’re capable of when they master self-accountability.

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Who It's For:

This program is ideal for leaders & their entire teams in the midst of uncertainty, change, or challenges in their industry. From frontline to C-Suite, there’s benefit in aligning on how to control the controllables individually & collectively to find success in every season. (conferences, company events, annual events, team workshops).


*The 4 powerful things within your control


*How to win every day


*The best way to overcome challenges


*Defeat burnout for good


*How to make a winning daily plan of attack

What Clients Say:

“I first heard Jake at our National Meeting. His simple yet effective tips for being more organized, more productive, more competitive were really refreshing! We liked him enough that we asked him to help with our sub-team.


“Jake executed both a virtual and a live training for our team and the feedback was consistently very positive. If you’re in a competitive environment, Jake can help you and your team compete more effectively and WIN.”


– Steve, Genentech