Does It Stop You?

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Does It Stop You?

You’re not going to let that one thing stop you, are you?

I was in Mexico last week celebrating a friend’s birthday and was reminded about the importance of our attitude and persistence in relation to our success.

My wife and I were sitting on patio enjoying a glass of mezcal and bowl of ceviche when two men approached and offered to play us music.

If you’re familiar with street performers in Mexico, they walk table to table and offer to play music in exchange for tips. Similarly, you have men walking the street selling roses.

Each time they would get a rejection, they’d simply smile and then move onto the next table.

They didn’t pout.

They didn’t yell at us.

They just smiled as if to say, “your loss,” and then continued on.

I wish more people carried the same attitude when it came to rejection.

We will hear “no” far more often than “yes” on the way to our goals.

Salespeople aren’t a perfect 100% when they make calls.

Email marketers are happy if 20% of people open their email, and then if less than 5% actually click on the email.

The success rate in life is low, which means it is inevitable we will run into rejection and roadblocks more often than not.

How we respond to that rejection will determine if we eventually win or not.

We don’t win when we allow failure to..

  • Be our excuse to quit
  • Be our excuse to be in a bad mood
  • Trick us into believing that we are a failure instead of realizing that what we just tried didn’t work

Failure can simply be part of the journey when..

  • We assess why we failed and use that new knowledge in our next attempt
  • See that each “no” brings us one step closer to “yes”
  • We are able to shrug it off and keep going.

Just like those street performers, the next time you face rejection or a shut door, simply smile and keep working down the street.

It won’t stop you unless you let it.

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