There is a lot of uncertainty around events – both in-person & virtual – in today’s landscape. It’s challenging to imagine booking a speaker for your event if you’re not 100% sure your event will move forward this year. 

We get it – and like our other clients – are happy to work with you. Jake remains flexible, patient, and is easy to work with admist challenges & changes. His work on building a winning mindset & daily practices is a message that will help audiences thrive during – and long after – this pandemic ends.

Absolutely! My sessions are not just boring slides on a screen, but I work to create an online experience for each audience. Expect engagement, exciting stories & time invested with audiences so they’ll be entertained AND educated on what to do next after the session.

That’s ok! I’ve made a  successful pivot up to just a few days before based on his clients’ needs. Rest assured, I can create an experience in my virtual studio or on your in-person stage that will take your audience to the next level.

I’m not a “fly in & fly out” kind of guy. My goal is to help you make your event a success. That includes partnering on the event with pre-event videos to promote registration, being approachable off-stage & throughout the event for Q&A and opportunities to add immense value to your attendees so they leave not only my session – but your entire event – with more value than they’d expected!

In full transparency, I will use previously rehearsed stories from my past that we know work well with teaching audiences – and will pair them with a customized structure and teaching points unique to your audience.

This allows me the ability to create an experience with my most popular content while speaking directly to your audience’s specific challenge with how they can compete to overcome it.

My goal is to make sure your audience leaves with the knowledge & skills to conquer the challenges we will have discussed prior to the event.

It varies (really!), however I know that doesn’t help you very much. In full transparency, my fee ranges from $7,500-12,000 for events in the USA.

In full transparency, I have spoken at a discounted rate depending on the location (for example, if I’m already in your city!) or if you have something other than money that we can come to agreement on that works for both of us.

If you’re doubting whether you can make the budget work or not, go ahead and reach out. I’d love to learn what you’re working with & how we might be able to make it work! Remember, the answer is always ‘no’ if you don’t you ask!

Do my rates seem high to you? I can share they’re standard in the speaking & training industry for someone with my experience, first-hand knowledge building a successful business, and track record on stages with clients.

I can also guarantee my focus is on how I can overdeliver on value to every dollar invested into our working relationship to help you audience get to the next level.

My rate can seem low in comparison to other keynote speakers you may have worked with in the past. The primary reason is that my current focus is to keep my rates competitive so I can participate in more events virtually & in-person this year.

I appreciate the honesty. At this time, I’ve chosen not to participate in these events. My primary reason is that my focus is to add as much value to your audience on-stage rather than drive business development from the stage. I have nothing against that model, but one I’ve chosen to decline at this time.

I’d love to try & make something work! I was raised by a family of teachers (mom, grandmother, aunt & uncle all teach) and the education industry has a near & dear place in my heart.

I’ve spoken at high schools, colleges, & nonprofits all over the country and found a way to work within their budget limitations. Let’s talk about how we can do it for you, too.

You bet! We love providing bulk order discounts for both my book Compete Every Day and any of our motivational shirts. We even offer custom design & print for event shirts if you’d like to collaborate on a theme!

Still have questions? We’d love to help get them answered. Just email our team at Booking@CompeteEveryDay.com & we’ll respond as quickly as possible!


  • is EASY to work with!
  • arrives early & stays late!
  • is overprepared for his audience!
  • inspires & engages everyone in the audience!
  • is easily someone we would hire again - in fact, we already have!

In 25+ years of hiring speakers, Jake is top of my list. Very inspirational and thought-provoking message that resonated with our attendees of all ages.

He did a 90-minute session and kept everyone engaged throughout the talk. From an administration perspective he was so easy to work with and accommodated to our needs. Prior to the session he and I spoke on multiple occasions as to our goals for the session, the intended outcomes we desired, and him making sure he was hitting all the points we needed.

I will hire Jake again in a heartbeat the next time I need a speaker for an event. Best experience ever.

Thomas Balzer, CAE

CEO, Ohio Trucking Association

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