Forsake the Easy Road

Forsake the Easy Road

Small piece I wrote in 2014 when reflecting back on the ups & downs of my journey.

The easy road would’ve been to just find a job and take it, praying I’d learn to love it. The easy road would’ve lacked embarrassingly public failures, daily battles with fear and self-doubt, and late nights alone driving a highway. The easy road would’ve made me more money to this point, given me more sleep, and caused me less stress. It wouldn’t have caused pain, tears, or worry of how will this ever work.

But the easy road would’ve failed in bringing certain people into my life. The easy road would have robbed me of good conversations & better interactions with the best of people. It would have failed to force me to face fear, and instead of forcing me to find a way to win to survive, would have allowed me to live in a constant comfort zone, void of victory or growth.

The easy road may have been more comfortable but victories are only found after battle, and in most cases, found after numerous defeats. My hardest days are most necessary for it is because of them that my greatest days are oh so sweeter.

To hell with the easy road. I choose to #Compete.

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