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Progress Made Isn’t Always Progress Seen

You won’t always feel like you’ve grown. One of the most frustrating seasons of my life was 2017-2018. I had started shifting our business away from just selling apparel to investing in building the training portion of our business through speaking & coaching. I was

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Does It Stop You?

You’re not going to let that one thing stop you, are you? I was in Mexico last week celebrating a friend’s birthday and was reminded about the importance of our attitude and persistence in relation to our success. My wife and I were sitting on

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How to Encourage Grit in Your Organization

It doesn’t matter how exhausted or hurt you are, we never ring the bell. One of the most well-known parts to BUDS initiation is the infamous Hell Week. It’s a five-day training period designed to push potential Navy SEAL candidates beyond the point of exhaustion.

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Growing Your Confidence is Like Building a House

Most of us become quite frustrated because unlike that fictional movie character, the process to growing our own confidence takes much longer than two hours.

And most of us quit trying, believing the lie that “it’s just not for us.” But the truth is, it is for you.

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Why You Should Never Ever Quit

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” – Dean Karnazes I thought the season was lost April 1. Two of our best pitchers out – one of them for the entire season. A 7-15 start

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