How to Make 2019 Your Best Year

How to make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

How to Make 2019 Your Best Year

If you’re anything like me, you want to make the new year, your best year yet.

Everyone is talking about their new year’s resolutions, the goals they’re going to crush this year and how they *hope* it’s going to be a better year. Unfortunately most of these people won’t have a better year, heck, over 80% of them will have given up their resolution before February 1.

Hope isn’t a winning strategy when it comes to making this year better than last. You need to take action, with a big picture plan – and a daily process to get there.

Here’s a formula I use to get crucial WINS each year and if applied, can make 2019 your best year yet.

1. Write down your plan.

Put the pen to paper and make it real. Take the year-end goals and work backwards to determine what small, simple actions you can take every day / week to get you there.

The year is seized the same way you eat an ? elephant – one bite at a time.

2. Set deadlines and commit to them.

Without deadlines, it’s just a dream that *may* come true one day. In all reality, it won’t.

3. Compete every day.

Regardless of how you feel. Regardless of what circumstances you found yourself in. The most successful people in the world don’t let feelings become facts, nor let those feelings keep them from doing the work to move them forward.

You don’t just “get motivated” – you take action and then you feel motivated to take more action. It’s like an avalanche, but the mountain of momentum won’t start until you take that first step despite any feelings you have.

4. Stick to #1

Focus on working the plan and daily process, it’ll keep you moving forward, every day.

5. Cut the Anchor

Many times we drag our disappointments and fears from last year into the new year. Sometimes even our victories. We look back over our shoulder time after time to see if it’s still with us. We talk about last year, either bragging about it’s victories or complaining about it’s defeats, but in both instances, it removes our focus from things we control ( the “now”) and places it on things out of our control (the “past”).

When we do this, it’s like we’ve tied 2018 to our ankle and carry it with us like an anchor. And the thing about anchors is this – you can’t go anywhere quickly – or at all – if you’ve got an anchor tied to your leg.

Remove the shackles of last year’s burdens. Quit dragging that anchor with you whever you go. And focus on where you’re needed most, which is today in the present.

Bring the lessons ? of 2018’s wins & losses with you – but leave the baggage of fear, disappointment, self doubt behind. You can’t make this year great if you’re still living in last.

The past “you” may be holding the current “you” back from reaching your full potential and becoming what you were created to be. So don’t let it.
Every day is a #competition. Be the #Competitor who wins yours.

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