Just Start.

Jake at Big D Marathon

Just Start.

Don’t let where you have to start stop you from where you are called to go.

This was taken at the Big D Marathon┬áduring my very first year building Compete Every Day. I had a backdrop and shirts folded on a table. If I’m being honest, I was embarrassed at how bare my setup was. I WANTED to be “big-time” – do you know that feeling? You don’t have the resources to do everything you want so you have to make do with what you can.

It’s not always sexy. It’s a mental struggle as you try to look big while growing big. BUT you can never get to that goal position unless you START. It’s ok if your first work embarrasses you. It’s supposed to – because you have to start to learn what to adjust and how to refine your creation. And as you grow, you’ll continue to raise the bar in quality of what you want to create – and will continue chasing that moving horizon. And that’s the fun in building something new.

It’s not about a quick build to just sell off. It’s not about quick rich schemes. It’s about creating something NEW, adding your unique story to it, and finding a way to positively impact lives.

Look past your initial concerns about “what others might think” and focus on serving your tribe, constantly adding value, and how you can change the world. If you focus on those, you won’t care what others think because you’ll be too busy doing good.

Your goals, your people, & your life is worth competing for.

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