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Increase Performance, Positive Results, & Goal Success

Unleash the Competitor Within You & Your Team

Highly engaging, professional, and committed are just a few of the words Jake’s clients have used to describe his keynote talks.

He leaves his audiences with the tools to be a Competitor – ready to be resilient, embrace accountability, and seize success in their professional and personal lives.

Jake’s programs helps organizations build gritty people & teams ready to increase productivity, reach their goals, and enhance the company’s goals.

Jake can help YOU:

  • Increase grit
  • Adopt accountability
  • Focus on the MOST important tasks
  • Lead with greater influence
  • Take action without needing motivation
  • Boost performance and attitude.

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The Competitor Mindset

Become a Championship performer who makes a bigger impact.

In this keynote, Jake teaches how to adopt a competitor’s unrelenting drive to make better choices that in turn, make bigger impacts in your organization and your life. By harnessing The Competitor Mindset, everyday people are empowered to become leaders and drivers of positive change. It’s through this empowerment that you embrace grit, value accountability, use setbacks to set up your next win, and don’t give up until the race is truly over.

Your team will leave this talk ready to compete every day against their previous best to elevate the level of impact they make in their organization, careers, and lives.

Key Lessons:
  • Escape Complacency and Comfort. A competitive spirit drives growth and change, even when the competition is only within yourself.
  • Embrace Adversity and Setbacks. Everyone stumbles and falls, but with The Competitor Mindset, you know how to turn a hurdle into a lesson and a losing race into a victory.
  • Tip the Lead Domino. When you compete every day against your own previous best, your choices can create a domino effect of positive choices and outcomes.
  • Bridge the Gap. At some point in our lives, all of us feel like something’s missing. Or that our careers fall short somehow. With The Competitor’s Mindset, you know how to close that gap, get back on track, and pursue the goals that will put you ahead of the game.

The Focus of a Champion

Stay Locked In to What Matters Most

In this workshop, Jake shares how successful people stay focused on the right tasks that move their business and life forward. Your team will be challenged to sharpen their aim on a powerful WHY and pair it with their very own Competitor’s Scorecard, the secret weapon that winners use every single day.

Throughout this talk, your team will learn to create a daily plan of attack to help them reach their annual and longterm goals. They’ll learn the importance of “action over motivation” and how the right focus can enhance grit, accountability, and movement toward an individual and team goal.

Don’t get distracted by the things that don’t move your career and life forward. Stay focused on what does.

Key Lessons:
  • The Importance of Focus. Avoid the unnecessary sidetracks and stay on course to achieve your goals faster.
  • How to Eat Your Elephant-Sized Goal. When you define the steps that will get you to your goals, what may seem impossible at first suddenly becomes doable.
  • Accountability. Every successful pursuit requires accountability – from your teammates and yourself. Learn why these are so powerful, how your team can implement accountability, and how daily goals help with both.

Building Your Tribe

Storytelling is your pathway to repeat business and recurring revenue

Some brands stand the test of time and become household names: Nike. Coca-Cola. Ford. Those companies, and ones like them, excel because they are excellent storytellers. They weave a story so powerful, customers can’t help but remember the brand and its message—and they want to be part of the story.

In this 60-minute keynote, Jake explains how you can create your own memorable stories. He takes you through his own humble experience of building a global lifestyle brand in a crowded, hyper-competitive industry.

As he shares his own entrepreneurial journey, Jake explains and demonstrates how a well-told story can elevate your company in a competitive landscape. He’ll help you learn how to invite your customers into your story and be part of something bigger.

After this talk, you’ll be inspired and equipped with ideas to help tell your company’s own powerful brand story.

Key Lessons:
  • Why Your “Why?” is Crucial. Learn why your story must overshadow your product.
  • Activate Your Brand’s Community. Your customers and fans love what you do. Learn how to provide them with fuel to share their own story.
  • Davids Can Compete with Goliaths. A determined David beat Goliath with just a slingshot. Learn how your ability to tell a story is your slingshot, and how storytelling allows smaller companies to compete—and win—against bigger counterparts.
  • Improve Your Storytelling. An effective brand story can change everything for a company. Learn how to best tell yours.

The Game Changers

How Competitors Get The Sale

The sales industry is ultra-competitive, and it takes a lot to stand out. Fancy business cards or flashy accessories don’t make you stand out, and they certainly won’t give you that edge to close the deal and get the sale.

Being a Competitor gives you that edge because Competitors close the deal.

Jake teaches teams how to make the sale through the power of competition. Learn why the best sales teams are full of Competitors, and how harnessing that competitive energy will help you exceed your goals and grow your sales. This talk helps each member of your team discover their inner Competitor through the Compete Every Day mindset.

Throughout this 60-minute keynote, Jake reveals the key characteristics that define a Competitor. In sales, mindset is key: You have to be driven to continue knocking on doors and making calls even after hearing the word “no.” This isn’t a line of work for just anyone — but it is perfect for Competitors. In sales, Competitors can thrive.

You’ll leave this talk with a better understanding of how a Competitor thinks, how you can implement this same mindset with your team, and how this approach can elevate your company to sales growth and new heights.

Key Lessons:
  • Mindset is Everything. Learn how to think and act like a Competitor in order to win. It isn’t about doing everything perfectly, but growing and improving every day.
  • The Importance of Grit. Grit means “strength of character” and “courage and resolve,” and it’s a major part of sales. Learn how to build grit so your team weathers the toughest storms, keeps spirits high, and continues pressing toward your company’s goals.
  • Beat Yesterday. Competitors use every yesterday, from the bad to the good, to decide how they’ll improve today. Learn how your team should embrace the habits of successful Competitors, who focus every day on being better than yesterday’s best.
  • Competitors Believe in Coaching. It’s not fun to win against an unmatched opponent; similarly, unbalanced sales teams aren’t healthy for a company. Competitors know how to work well with others to ensure they both continue to grow and help others grow, too.

Beat Yesterday

From “What If” to “I Did It!”

Jake reveals his step-by-step process that helps you clarify your goals, establish the routines that serve as the foundation to reach those goals, and a plan of attack to make those goals future benchmarks. Our goals, whether they’re personal or professional, sometimes take years to reach, and don’t include the easier, default milestones you can check off this week or month.

Don’t just talk about your goals: Achieve them. Jake will show you how.

Key Lessons:
  • The Importance of Focus. Avoid the unnecessary sidetracks and stay on course to achieve your goals faster.
  • How to Run a “Marathon”: One Step at a Time. When you define the steps that will get you to your goals, what may seem impossible at first suddenly becomes doable.
  • The Importance of Compound Interest. Every effort, every success, every mistake, every time you strive to be better all add up to get you closer to your goals. It’s not about a flawless ride to success, but a journey that makes you stronger along the way.