Building New Leaders

Great leaders aren’t born, they’re built. Learn how to help your current & future leaders rise to the opportunity to make a winning impact


One of the biggest challenges in corporate America today is the promotion of talented individuals to leadership positions without the proper training to succeed in this new role. 60% of new managers fail within the first 24 months of their promotion.


We’ve created a culture of turning A+ performers into C- managers, and in doing so, wrecked their confidence, results, & overall team culture. Many times it’s not the individual who fails us, but the organization who failed to properly prepare their performer for this new role.


The overwhelm of drowning in paperwork, managing team drama, or lack of knowledge on how to coach up reports can cause even the most talented of leaders to feel like a failure and want to throw in the towel to go back to “what they used to do.”


In this session based on Jake’s 2024 book, Lead Better NOW, learn how to take your leaders from hating leadership to thriving in it – and giving your company a competitive advantage in the market for talent.

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Who It's For:

This talk is perfect for a collection of new, emerging, & future leaders ready to take the next step in their career and get better results as a leader. (Events, leaders, supervisors, team-building, & conferences).


*How to build the core components of effective leadership.


*Strategies to connect with your team’s hearts (so you can get to their heads).


*Why leadership is life service and not lip service.


*What trips up most people from becoming great leaders – and how to avoid that same trap.


*The difference between managing & coaching and why great leaders do both.

What Clients Say:

“Our membership was captivated and motivated by the simple yet often overlooked message Jake presents.


In a world of quick fixes and easy solutions, Jake gets real about the hard work of hard work. His enthusiasm grabs and engages his audience while his message explores the pathway to goal attainment by using identifiable, real-life goals that can be achieved with consistent effort and dogged commitment to self-improvement.


Jake uniquely points out how the little things matter and that being true to your best self is the key to success in both personal and professional matters. It was a very positive, motivating, and reflective message that was extremely well-received.”


-Tim Worke, CEO, Association of General Contractors of Minnesota