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Twelve Ways to Be a More Impactful Leader

Leadership is more than just a title. It’s an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to make an impact by bringing out the best in others and helping to equip them with knowledge and empower them with confidence. It has little to do with your job title

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Building Self Awareness

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”⁣ – Socrates Great athletes watch film after games to review what they did well & where they have room to improve. It’s by watching film, making notes, & then applying that new knowledge that they’re able to

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The Dangers of This Rollercoaster

You can’t ride the rollercoaster through peaks & valleys if you want to be consistent.⁣ I get it. Emotions can be overwhelming. They can fire us up and they can fill us with dread.⁣ ⁣ But understanding our ability to influence and impact others starts

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What Does Your Billboard Say?

“Your body language is a billboard for your #mentaltoughness & maturity.” Julie Fournier What is your body telling other people about you when things go your way – and especially when they don’t?⁣ ⁣⁣ Here’s an important reminder about changing your default response into your

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The Power of the Little Things

You don’t need to be John Cusack holding a boombox outside of someone’s window to get their attention. That’s going big. That’s what most people are aiming for today. More followers. Louder noise. Bigger…. everything. They believe that the best way to win sales or

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Do They See…or Hear You First?

What comes first for your team? Do they hear you bark instructions about what standard they should be performing up to or do they see you modeling the standard in your actions? Leadership isn’t just lip service, contrary to how most managers act today. It’s

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Why Being Vulnerable is Key to Building a Championship Team

One of the biggest “misses” that companies make in trying to build a winning culture is forgetting vulnerability.

Vulnerability is crucial to a strong company culture & a leader’s ability to influence because it’s that one thing that allows true connection between you and the people you’re trying to influence.

Here are three ways to inject a level of vulnerability into your team to foster a championship culture.

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Are You Celebrating or Sulking?

What matters most to you – winning or getting all of the credit? Michael Jordan was quickly emerging as one of the top players in the NBA as he started his second season in the league. He came out on fire during the first few

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How Leaders Can Handle a Bad Coworker

Is that someone using your favorite coffee mug again? Is that someone in a sour mood, all of the time, and seems to just drain the life out of the office? Is that someone sitting right next to you every single day? I’ve been there

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A Super Example of Positive Leadership

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is already a household name, regardless if he wins Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV. The East Texas native made waves in football during his first year as a starter in 2018, earning league MVP honors. Mahomes is a special athletic

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How to Encourage Grit in Your Organization

It doesn’t matter how exhausted or hurt you are, we never ring the bell. One of the most well-known parts to BUDS initiation is the infamous Hell Week. It’s a five-day training period designed to push potential Navy SEAL candidates beyond the point of exhaustion.

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Four Leadership Lessons from Ford v. Ferrari

This post is the first of many categorized as “Leadership and Popcorn Lessons” that I’ll share business and leadership takeaways from movies. I love going to movies and watching great stories unfold on the big screen, and felt it would help you, my readers, in

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Do the Dirty Work

I grew up working in a small town gas station my Dad owned in east Texas. Starting at the age of 7, I’d spend summer days sweeping parking lots, cleaning gas pumps, and stocking the coolers at the store as my chores before I could

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Is It Even Worth the Effort?

Is it even worth investing the time to train a new hire who is going to ultimately leave?

I know from experience how frustrating it can be to invest time into training someone who leaves you. However, the alternative is always worse and you can use the opportunity to build your own career in these 3 ways.

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Attention to Detail

The little things usually matter most. There’s a burger joint near my wife’s office that we frequent occasionally. The food is great, but we go back time and time again because of how they behave at the bar. The bartenders are trained to replace your

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