Leading Others Starts Here

Deadlift weights

Leading Others Starts Here

How can you lead others if you’re not effectively leading yourself?⁣⁠

A leader must embrace the truth that leading others starts by leading themselves.

How do you lead yourself physically? Lift weights. Move. Be intentional with what you eat. Take care of your physical body.⁣⁠

How do you lead yourself mentally? Read. Guard your intake. Journal your thoughts. Take care of your mindset.⁣⁠
If you’re not doing the uncomfortable work to make yourself better to bring a better version of yourself to those you’re wanting to lead, how can you expect them to do the same?⁣⁠
Simply put: you can’t.⁣⁠
Leadership isn’t lip service – it’s life service.⁣⁠
And leadership starts with the life of the person you see in the mirror.⁣⁠

“The most selfless thing you can do as a leader is put forth the difficult, consistent work to improve so you can bring your best self to everything.”

Jake Thompson

You don’t have to show off six-pack abs, but you do need to strengthen your body consistently.

You don’t have to consume a podcast or audiobook daily, but you need to be learning something new every day & choosing to be intentional with your social media intake.⁣⁠

Be intentional about building yourself to set an example others desire to follow.

Otherwise, you’re weakening the influence you could have on them.⁣⁠

I’m cheering for you to set yourself apart by being a leader in actions before words.

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