Lessons a Kid Entrepreneur Taught Me

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Lessons a Kid Entrepreneur Taught Me

I was fortunate to have coffee recently with a fourth-grade entrepreneur who’s out to make a difference.

Ainsley started her bath soaps’ business to raise money for her pastor’s wife who was undergoing cancer treatments. I LOVED hearing her passion for creating different kinds of soap in order to sell and donate profits to help with the mounting medical bills.

Despite being the one sharing advice on starting a business, I was reminded of some powerful truths by this young lady – and what we can all learn from the conversation:

Age is just a number – not a limit.

We aren’t too young/old to make a difference. Ansley wasn’t using her age as an excuse of why she couldn’t start a business. How often do we say, “I’m too old… it’s too late… (insert your favorite age excuse here)” on any task? Starting to workout. Having a family. Starting a side-hustle. Your age is just a number, not the limiting factor.

You’ll make the time if it’s important.

Ansley has a full schedule between school, homework, and gymnastics’ practices and competitions – yet she still makes time during the week to create soap for her business. One thing we discussed is the importance of planning your week out on Sunday, that way, she already has time created for practices, homework, prior commitments, and can create (not “have”) the windows she’ll need to make more soap for customers. We all have busy schedules, but like Ansley, we will make the time if it’s important.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Ansley’s constantly trying soap smells to see which resonates best with her customers. She talked about trying “bundles” baskets as gift ideas to increase sales of various products. And she even shared that she’s working on different ways to make the soap, trying to find the best production process for the best overall product. She wasn’t worried if one way didn’t work out, or if it involved equipment she couldn’t afford yet. She was only focused on how she could improve her product with what she had, while continuing to sell more and raise more funds to donate.

Help me salute this young, hustling entrepreneur making the courageous choice to create and try to sell something. She may be young, but is already using a Competitor’s Mindset to stand out and make a difference.

Follow @ansleyssoap on Instagram, (and if you like great smelling soaps, DM them an order or message her mom Beth!)

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