Elite Mentorship program
1:1 coaching to get you to the next level
an elite Mentoring Program
For ambitious competitors

Learn how to build your best mindset & habits so you can build your best life.

The Difference Between
‘Getting By’ And ‘getting better!’

Where do you want to be in 1-5-10 years? Let’s start the work required to get you there.

Still dreaming about your ideal life…

Stuck in a dead-end career you hate…

Settling for less at home and work…

…or enjoying the results of your work?

…or doing a job that inspires you daily?

…or thriving in your career & life?

If you feel a deep, undeniable stirring within to do more, achieve more and BE more, it means you’re ready to stop settling and start competing.


Let’s start doing the work together to create your best life.

Realize Your Potential
With Competitor Mindset Coaching And Mentoring

Becoming a Champion is no easy feat.

It requires you to forge the mindset, focus & habits that allow you to consistently strive for more without burning out. It involves switching from a fixed to a growth mindset. And it forces you to prioritize choices and circles that build you up rather than drag you down.

This is much easier said than done, but trust me: the Competitor Mindset results are completely life-changing…

…and if you keep to it, they end up lasting an entire lifetime.

Discover Your Champion
Mindset WITHIN

Competitor University is a small group coaching and mentoring program for people seeking ultimate greatness (with one or two kicks up the backside along the way!).


Participants will learn how to build positive habits, gain clarity on their goals, learn effective ways to manage their time, and cultivate a mindset unlike any other they’ve had before.


Transform into a Champion at Competitor University – your best life awaits!

3 months of 1:1 mentoring

30-minute mentoring sessions every other week for 90 days.


Exclusive Voxer access to Jake as your Performance Mentor!



Assignments, worksheets & deadlines to keep you accountable & advancing.

Former Participants, Current Champions

“When I started working with Jake I was a very unsure of my goals and what I was worth.
Jake asked the tough questions and would not let me hide in comfort and denial. His insight and guidance helped me understand the steps I needed to be better every day and get even one step closer to my goals.
One year later and I am in a leadership position at work and I am still using the tools he gave me to be greater than my excuses.”


I’ve always been a “realistic dreamer” and tend to struggle with a.) dreaming bigger and b.) creating a road map on how to execute these goals.

Jake not only encouraged me to aim higher, but he also did really great in juggling my “realist” while also challenging me.

Our conversations kept me focused on the homework which in turn produced fantastic results. I proudly went from being a total newbie to my team and this side of the industry, to being the top sales professional in my company for the first quarter.

I HIGHLY recommend getting to know this amazing individual as he has truly changed my life and shifted my perspective and career entirely.”



My Mental + Leadership program IS for you if…

You want to stop wasting time on the *wrong* tasks and start building a better life.

You find yourself busy & stressed 24/7, but don’t ever seem to advance toward your wider goals.

You know what needs to be done to succeed but can’t seem to muster up any motivation.

You have big plans for your life and need help creating a realistic plan to reach them.

You suffer from negative self-talk and want to swap to a positive growth mindset.

You want to start taking responsibility for your actions and live up to your promises.

My Mental + Leadership program ISN'T for you if…

You don’t have any problems staying settled in your current job (even if you don’t love it).

You aren’t interested in pursuing a better work-life balance or becoming more efficient.

You don’t know what steps to take for ongoing success (and don’t want to learn them).

You have a feeling something huge is in store, but you aren’t ready to plan for it.

You don’t have a negative inner critic, or you’re satisfied with your fixed mindset.

You prefer opting for a victim mindset or blaming circumstances on those around you.

two mentoring Options


Pay for the program as a one-time payment
$ 1999
  • 90-Day Mentoring Program


Pay for the program in a payment plan
$ 750
  • Min. 3-Month Commitment


With PERFORMANCE Coaching And Mentoring