My Three Words for 2017

My Three Words for 2017


What will define your 2017?

Each year, I anxiously anticipate Chris Brogan’s “My 3 Words..” blog post. It’s become tradition to read the post, meditate, and set the theme for my own key words of 2017. It also become my annual challenge to live outside of my comfort zone because these three words are to hold me accountable for the next 365 days.

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Pick any three words that will guide you in the choices you intend to make for 2017. They should be words that let you challenge yourself as to motives and decisions. They should be words that help you guide your actions.  In 2015, my words were Plan, Leverage, and Fabric.

  1. Move – work the plan. If there’s no plan, make one. See how it’s a noun and a verb?
  2. Leverage – work on whatever will have the MOST impact instead of just finishing up to-do work. Leverage works in a few ways.
  3. Fabric – everything is connected. Pull here, and it will get tight there.

Those are Chris’ three words that year. And Monday, as he unveiled his new three words for 2017 (here), I accepted the challenge and chose mine. They are:

  1. Focus – be of singular focus. I reread Gary Keller & Jay Papasan’s The One Thing & also Greg McKeown’s Essentialism before year’s end. Both reminded me of the importance to be intensely focused on one pursuit. This year is about eliminating side projects & distractions away from my ultimate goal of inspiring others to compete for their life.
  2. Storyteller – The better I am at crafting – and telling – a powerful story, the more impact I can make. This applies to my business, copywriting, & speaking. I’ve invested heavily this year to refine my message & share it in a more personal & powerful manner.
  3. Systems – “I need to be less of the hub” was my comment to our  team to start the year. Right now, our system is set up to run a number of things through me – which means I can be the hiccup that slows us down. Instead, I’m focusing on taking myself out of many day-to-day operations & give to the team that I trust to run it or hire additional teammates to do so for me. In order to effectively help us take the next step in our business, I have to be more removed from some operations to focus on the bigger picture & growing the business.

“Always remember, it’s simply not an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

What three words will you use to fuel your 2017? I’d love to know what three words will be your focus for the upcoming year as you compete!

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