What I Read Last Month (November 2019)

What I Read (Leadership Books)

What I Read Last Month (November 2019)

I’ve shared my favorite reads from over the years on my website here, but thought it would be beneficial to you if I shared a monthly recap of what I read during the past 30 days and what value you can expect if you choose to invest time into reading them too.

November ended up being a more hectic month than anticipated with our Compete Every Day releases and last-minute speaking gigs, so I only finished two books (both great ones though!). I’m looking forward to December vacation and travel in order to dive into 3-5 books this month!

Have a recommendation for a good book to read in the future? I’d love for you to email me and let me know!

Clockwork – Mike Michalowicz

If you can’t take a break from your business without it breaking you, you are setting yourself up for failure.

That’s a central theme in Mike’s book Clockwork. I became a huge fan of Mike’s work a few years ago when his book Profit First completely changed my perspective (and approach) to my business’ finances. It wasn’t an easy, overnight change, but it was the book that opened my eyes to what could be and helped me lay the groundwork for implementing a system that helps me thrive – instead of just thrive. Clockwork has had that same effect. In fact, I committed to reading it this second time after my first attempt was with an audiobook and I wasn’t as effective taking notes (or implementing everything) as I wanted to be.

I’ve been intrigued by this book since first learning about Mike’s work on it through a friend who is on his team. She’s a master at efficiency and operational excellence, and I knew this book could be a game-changer for my work. You see, I spent many years as a business owner being the source of our ineffectiveness. I kept too much information in my head and too many activities on my plate instead of helping myself and helping my team by getting them off of my plate so I could focus on what I do bestClockwork helped me identify our most important priorities – and start setting my team up for success with activities that align with those priorities.

If you’ve ever felt like there’s no time for vacation, no way your business can thrive without you, or the idea of a 30-day vacation from your business sounds LIKE A COMPLETE FAIRYTALE, I want to challenge you to invest time this month to Clockwork. It may just change your business.

And your life.

Grab your copy of Clockwork here.

Build a Better Brain – Peter Hollins

Whenever one of your mentors recommends a book, you read it as quickly as you can.

This was the case with Peter Hollins’ Build a Better Brain: Using Neuroplasticity to Train Your Brain for Motivation, Discipline, Courage, & Mental Sharpness. Hollins takes a deep dive into the study of how our brains work – and more importantly, how we have the ability to rewire them in order to become the type of person with the type of habits we wish to have.

Neuroplasticity can be incredibly dense study, but Hollins does a great job of simplifying his teaching and using easy-to-digest examples for the reader. If you’ve ever wondered how your brain works, or wish you could reprogram aspects of your thoughts & habits in order to achieve success in your life, pick up this book. It will provide you the groundwork for understanding how you can optimize your performance, happiness, and habits.

Grab your copy of Build a Better Brain here.

With the holidays here, I’ll have extra time while traveling to continue my reading to finish this year strong!

Have a question for me about one of the books? Share a comment below!

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