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Engaging Keynotes

Captivate your audience to show up & compete every day with one of Jake's engaging & motivating keynotes. Even better, your audience will leave with steps they can implement immediately to make a bigger impact in your organization & their career.

Interactive Workshops

Take your team to the next level with one of Jake's interactive workshops on sales, productivity, or team culture. These 90-180 minute programs are designed to give your team tools, focus, & knowledge to better compete for your team goals.

Virtual Programs

Need a way to engage & equip your team but not ready to get back in-person just yet? Jake's virtual programs offer an interactive & entertaining online experience that will prepare your team to show up & better compete every day to succeed.



Every single day. That’s how often you can create positive change, skyrocket your revenue, and stand out in the business world.

But it’s almost impossible to reach your business goals if your employees are stuck on autopilot. Or if your company culture is becoming increasingly toxic.

Now, what would happen if your team learned to collaborate? What if they stopped bickering with their coworkers and started competing against their previous best?

As a successful keynote speaker and leadership coach for over a decade, Jake knows the exact strategies to turn weak, disconnected teams into united powerhouses.

In this keynote, your team will come to understand their greatest competition lies within themselves. This will help them unleash their inner Champion – and in turn, radically change their professional and personal lives for the better.

Finally, your team is going to know the importance of accountability, a positive attitude, and a culture of taking initiative. Get ready to watch your team become winners. The time is now.


*Importance of tiny choices when it comes to tremendous success

*How to streamline your focus to increase sales

*Invest in your relationships to develop a powerful network

*Adopt a Me vs. Me attitude to unlock your full potential

*The real reason action doesn’t need motivation

"Practical for Work + Life!"

"Jake’s energy, delivery, and ability to make the '7 ways to win in life” practical for the workplace and the home life was just what was needed in our plant.

The material was very relatable for the diverse group of rising stars and leaders that attended. Jake was able to connect with everyone through his presentation and instill the competitive spirit it takes to WIN in ALL we do. Thanks Jake!"
- Jeremiah, Trinity Heads, Inc.



Distractions surround us every day…

Jake understands that a little too well after spending years attempting to manage his ADHD. But when he did, everything changed.

He learned how to lock in on what made him effective instead of being distracted by what was right in front of him.

He created an unbeatable daily process that forged his championship focus for success.

Now, it’s yours for the taking.

In this workshop, your team will learn how to improve their focus by creating daily processes and habits that keep them constantly advancing.

Instead of being distracted by the “busy,” your team will learn how to stay focused on the best. They’ll discover that they hold the key to intentionally choosing their workday, output, and impact.

Finally, Jake will equip your team with a daily plan of attack that removes the need for motivation and provides a blueprint process to yield the positive changes they’ve always desired.


*The importance of an unbreakable mindset

*Create a process that generates success

*How to avoid costly distractions

*Remove motivation from the equation

"New Tactics for Sales & Life!"

"So glad we utilized Jake and Compete Every Day for our sales team.

I found the messages to be relevant to both life and career, simple to embrace and easy to implement. Jake delivered the principles in a very relatable, upbeat and positive style and really helped the group to appreciate more how they are accountable for their own success and personal growth.

The lessons acted not only great reminders but also highlighted new tactics on evaluating personal effectiveness and efficiency that will go right into action with our team. Enlightening, impactful and applicable.

We definitely got better as individuals and sales professionals as a result."
- Todd, Titleist Golf



Teams can accomplish more when they compete together than they ever can alone.

But some teams still don’t know how to listen to each other, accept differing perspectives, or work as a whole.

In this popular team-building keynote, your team will learn the importance of high-level collaboration. They’ll understand their teammates aren’t the competition. In fact, the only person they are competing with is themselves.

Discover the three things that great teams in sports and business commit to doing in order to up-level their impact.

Lastly, learn how embracing an attitude of ownership can kill off excuses and the one question that can drastically enhance your company culture.


*The importance of competing against yourself

*Control what’s in your sphere of influence

*How all great teams operate

*Build a culture of accountability

"Creating Lasting Change!"

"If you are like me and want to invest in the growth of your team, Jake is your guy!

He presented a 2 hour, onsite workshop talking all things growth mindset and how we could each be better leaders and teammates. In the following weeks, I have seen positive changes in the attitudes and actions of my team, both professionally and personally.

I 100% recommend Jake to inspire, motivate and teach why it is so important to compete every day!"
- Angie, APEX Physical Therapy



Every day, you dedicate hours of your precious time striving for success. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can learn how to tap into your highest potential without exhausting the majority of your time and effort. What does it take? Learning how to seize control of certain elements within your reach.

In this highly-requested keynote, Jake teaches how to channel a laser-sharp focus to control your controllables. Discover how to effectively respond to challenges – and create your very own playbook to hold yourself accountable.

Jake’s profound insight on what’s within someone’s control combined with a daily plan of attack puts individuals and teams in a power position to win seven days a week.

This keynote is best for firing up teams who are struggling with burnout. After listening to Jake’s advice and leaving with a blueprint on how to take control, your team will be ready to win 365-0 this year. Your bottom line will thank you.


*The 4 powerful things within your control

*How to win every day

*The best way to overcome challenges

*Defeat burnout for good

*How to make a winning daily plan of attack

"Top-Notch + Customized Experience!"

"We recently had Jake come and speak to many of our leaders at an event focused on the pursuit of excellence and working through change and adversity.

From our first initial conversation Jake was fully engaged in learning about who we were and how we operated. The presentation the evening of our event couldn't have been better. He touched on specific points that applied to our teams.

His prep and execution was flawless. The feedback was nothing but top-notch. Jake is authentic and has a special set of skills that can take a message and relate it to a person or team.

As a team we've already talked about other ways we can engage Jake to help develop our high achievers. We look forward to a continued partnership with Jake."
- Kolby, Osburn Construction



We are pulled in every direction every single day.

Our responsibilities as leaders is never-ending, and our team is counting on us to lead them effectively so they can perform at their best. But if we distracted by the wrong things, we’ll never make the difference for our team & bottom line.

In this session, Jake will work through the 3 P’s of Leadership, and how we can invest in each – People, Productivity, Progress – every day in order to drive our team forward.

You’ll leave ready to grow your influence, impact, & business without burning out.


*What 3 things great leaders focus on every day

*How to invest in your team to invest in your own success

*Control your day to win it.

*A daily plan of attack

"What an Impactful Talk!"

"Jake spoke at a virtual conference that my company hosted about imposter syndrome and was incredible!

He used real life examples along with actionable takeaways that really spoke to our audience. We received nothing but positive feedback on his presentation as well as had a few whom were brought to tears as they related to his topic so well.

He was always professional and great to work. Hope to get to work with Jake again in the near future!!!"
- Tiffany, IICF



“Jake Thompson is such a high-energy, passionate and fun individual. His enthusiasm truly is contagious.

He really sets any organization or group of people on a path for greatness and continued success.

His mentality to, compete every day, is not just put on a t-shirt and not followed through… nah, it something he pushes, he eats, breathes and lives by. He inspired us to do more, be more and LIVE more.

Jake makes you get up, and realize you can’t let your competition beat you because #1 you have to compete every day, bring it every day and make your life worth something. Thank you for all the motivation and drive you showed us we actually have but it was only something we have to activate in ourselves!” – Eric, Equity Prime Mortgage