Unlock A Competitor’s Mindset Within Your Team & Unleash Their True Potential

Are your employees sleepwalking through their workday or are they striving to be the best version of themselves, day in and day out?

Have they unlocked their greatest potential by realizing what they’re truly capable of?

Are they driven and motivated to deliver the most impactful results for you and your company?

Jake is your missing key.

Release a fire within your employees by booking Jake to deliver an incredibly impactful keynote speech that is specifically designed to transform your team into competitive champions – who make bigger impacts.

P.S. I only have limited availability so make sure to book now!

Trust me! I will boost your communication skills.
Get on the path to financial freedom.

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Why The Competitor Mindset is a GameChanger for Your Team

Hate to break it to you but many of your employees are comfortable performing at average.

Their inner Competitor lies completely dormant. That’s why it’s fundamental to invest in improving your employees mindset and motivating them to be the catalysts you need them to be.

This is where Jake comes in.

With his motivational keynote speech and workshops, Jake unleashes the Championship performer within each and every one of your employees. They’ll each learn how to grow their grit, embrace accountability, overcome setbacks & distractions, and embrace the idea of giving their best efforts every day.

And by the end of this inspiring talk, none of your team players will be comfortable just sitting on the bench. They’ll be ready to go the distance.

After Jake’s keynote, enjoy consistently outperforming the competition with:

  • Increased productivity – because competitors are focused & driven to reach their goals!
  • A winning team of seasoned warriors – because Jake will challenge them to elevate their game!
  • Proactive employees that are invested in the companybecause you’ve invested in their individual growth!
  • Boosted company moralebecause everyone needs a break from the desk to get motivated and re-energized! 

If you’re ready to transform ordinary employees into powerful performers, book Jake now.

In short, you have nothing to lose by booking Jake. And everything to win.



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Hi, I’m Jake and I motivate companies to compete every day.

As a retired sportsman and a serial entrepreneur, I have discovered how to inject a Competitor’s mindset into companies, so that employees truly have their head in the game.

I believe drive, mindset and grit are the key ingredients of successful competitors who know how to weather setbacks and storms. I’ve applied these ingredients into my own company “Compete Every Day” which is now a globally successful brand that inspires customers to “level up” and rise above their limits.

P.S. I have limited availability and get booked up quickly so get in there now!