Jake Thompson has been featured in the following media:

What You Can Do Differently.” (link) The Successful Pitch with John Livesay (March 2020)

Entrepreneurial Excellence” – (link) The Alliance (January 2020)

Compete Every Day with Jake Thompson” – (link) Success is a Choice Podcast (January 2020)


Cultivate a Winning Mindset” – (link) Harder to Kill Radio (September 2019)

How to Compete Every Day with Jake Thompson” – (link) 10,000 No’s Podcast (August 2019)

Jake Thompson on how to Compete Every Day” – (link) Intentional Performers Podcast (July 2019)

The Motivator” – Local Profile Collin County (pg 48) (May 2019)

The Scoreboard is the Result the Work You Did in the Process” –  (link) Keep Moving Forward Podcast (5/8/19)

Don’t Be Distracted by the Unimportant” – 15 Minutes of Mental Toughness (5/2/19)


Compete Every Day” – The Dr. Greg Wells Podcast (10/02/18)

Compete and get OUT of your comfort zone” – Laugh at Adversity Podcast (08/13/18)

What Does it Mean to Compete against Yesterday?” – (iTunes) Journeys with the No Schedule Man (06/14/18)

Why Men Should Compete” – Order of Man Podcast (5/18/18)


Interview with an Entrepreneur – Selery Talks (12/22/17)

“Your circumstances don’t dictate your response or growth. You do.” – Why Blog (11/7/17)

“Competing with yourself to improve your small business” – (iTunes) SPRH Show (6/19/17)

“Compete Everyday” – The Daren Martin Show (4/11/17)

“Life is Worth Competing For”Pathways to Success (audio) (1/23/17)


Your Life is Worth Competing For – Amplify Podcast (video) (Audio) (10/27/16)

Leaving a Legacy and Being an Active Participant in Life – Better Humanology (4/19/16)


Compete Every Day for your Best Life – Growth Bomb Podcast (12/23/15)

“Prioritize – and Sprint” – Crowley (07/15/15)

“YEC Member Spotlight: Jake Thompson, Compete Every Day” – Young Entrepreneur Council (04/17/15)

On Faith and Work… – Courtney M. McSwain, Writing (2/13/15)

How to Compete Every Day & Crush Your Goals – Good Financial Cents podcast (01/20/15)


Interview with What’s Brewin Sports Talk on The George Brew Show (10/22/13)

The Long, Hard Road of Entrepreneurship – Interview with Jessie Spievogel

14 Tips for Oozing Awesomeness: Part 1 – Revolution of Health Podcast interview

How to Compete for the Best in Life – Podcast interview with Diana Tyler of The Revolution of Health

Three Tips for Team Building with Compete Every Day – Chicago Examiner (January 8, 2013)

Interview with Compete Every Day – Chester Business & Innovation Law (January, 2013)

Compete Every Day – The Triune (October 30, 2012)