Jake Thompson has been featured in the following media:


Compete Against Yourself” – People with Passion (July 2020)

How To Compete Everyday And Be The Best Athlete You Can Be.” (link) – Athlete Maestro Podcast (June 2020)

Competing Every Day” (link) – No Quit Living Podcast (May 2020)

Living an impactful life” (podcast, YouTube) Masters of Fitness Podcast (May 2020)

Compete Everyday” (link) Playing Injured Podcast (April 2020)

What You Can Do Differently.” (link) The Successful Pitch with John Livesay (March 2020)

Entrepreneurial Excellence” – (link) The Alliance (January 2020)

Compete Every Day with Jake Thompson” – (link) Success is a Choice Podcast (January 2020)


Cultivate a Winning Mindset” – (link) Harder to Kill Radio (September 2019)

How to Compete Every Day with Jake Thompson” – (link) 10,000 No’s Podcast (August 2019)

Jake Thompson on how to Compete Every Day” – (link) Intentional Performers Podcast (July 2019)

The Motivator” – Local Profile Collin County (pg 48) (May 2019)

The Scoreboard is the Result the Work You Did in the Process” –  (link) Keep Moving Forward Podcast (5/8/19)

Don’t Be Distracted by the Unimportant” – 15 Minutes of Mental Toughness (5/2/19)


Compete Every Day” – The Dr. Greg Wells Podcast (10/02/18)

Compete and get OUT of your comfort zone” – Laugh at Adversity Podcast (08/13/18)

What Does it Mean to Compete against Yesterday?” – (iTunes) Journeys with the No Schedule Man (06/14/18)

Why Men Should Compete” – Order of Man Podcast (5/18/18)


Interview with an Entrepreneur – Selery Talks (12/22/17)

“Your circumstances don’t dictate your response or growth. You do.” – Why Blog (11/7/17)

“Competing with yourself to improve your small business” – (iTunes) SPRH Show (6/19/17)

“Compete Everyday” – The Daren Martin Show (4/11/17)

“Life is Worth Competing For”Pathways to Success (audio) (1/23/17


Your Life is Worth Competing For – Amplify Podcast (video) (Audio) (10/27/16)

Leaving a Legacy and Being an Active Participant in Life – Better Humanology (4/19/16)


Compete Every Day for your Best Life – Growth Bomb Podcast (12/23/15)

“Prioritize – and Sprint” – Crowley (07/15/15)

“YEC Member Spotlight: Jake Thompson, Compete Every Day” – Young Entrepreneur Council (04/17/15)

On Faith and Work… – Courtney M. McSwain, Writing (2/13/15)

How to Compete Every Day & Crush Your Goals – Good Financial Cents podcast (01/20/15)

Jake Thompson speaks to University of Dallas entrepreneurial students” – University of Dallas (10/21/14)

Interview with Rise & Conquer Entrepreneurial Leadership Podcast (10/14/14)

How to Start a Lifestyle Apparel Brand – How Did You Get Into That Podcast (07/14)

The Owner’s Mind podcast with Chris Brogan (04/02/14)

Awakening the Competitor Inside – (03/14/14)

Interview with What’s Brewin Sports Talk on The George Brew Show (10/22/13)

The Long, Hard Road of Entrepreneurship – Interview with Jessie Spievogel

14 Tips for Oozing Awesomeness: Part 1 – Revolution of Health Podcast interview

How to Compete for the Best in Life – Podcast interview with Diana Tyler of The Revolution of Health

Three Tips for Team Building with Compete Every Day – Chicago Examiner (January 8, 2013)

Interview with Compete Every Day – Chester Business & Innovation Law (January, 2013)

Compete Every Day – The Triune (October 30, 2012)