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Are You Fueling Their Fight?

I recently found out that one of my dear friends is having a hell of a ride battling cancer. And around the same time, I got an email about another friend whose husband has needed multiple surgeries and kid might need a kidney transplant. This

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Even the Mentally Tough Hear The Excuses

I felt like such a fraud for years. I’d be in the middle of a workout and start to hear the excuse to cut the workout short or go lighter. I swear I even looked around a few times to see if someone else heard

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Twelve Ways to Be a More Impactful Leader

Leadership is more than just a title. It’s an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to make an impact by bringing out the best in others and helping to equip them with knowledge and empower them with confidence. It has little to do with your job title

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Using What Time You’ve Got

Sometimes we need a small reframe to take that next step. When you don’t have as much time as you want, will you choose to waste it or use it? I got into a poor routine the last few weeks with my travel schedule being

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How to Be More Competitive in Sales

Sales is a competitive industry that can either be thrilling or exhausting, depending on your mindset and daily focus. For some people, it’s too cutthroat. For others, it comes off as scammy (think of a stereotypical car salesman or billboard lawyer). Some people love the

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Why We Have to Improve Our Weaknesses

How often do you attack your weaknesses?⁣⁣I suck at deadlifts.⁣⁣Like suck.⁣⁣It’s been a weakness of mine for years. I built a decent strength base years ago but never fully attacked it as I do squatting.⁣⁣But I need to.⁣⁣And so do you. (Ok, maybe not deadlifts, but your

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Are You Wasting Time Waiting?

We all will spend time in the waiting room. Many of us waste that time waiting on someone to call our name – and we miss out on the opportunity that is the waiting room. Learn how to stop wasting your time waiting, so that

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When to Build 2022’s Momentum

What’s it going to be?⁣ January 1?⁣ One day….?⁣ Or will you make today your #DayOne?⁣ You don’t need to wait until next year to start working on it. What’s it going to be?⁣ ⁣ January 1?⁣ ⁣ One day….?⁣ ⁣ Or will you make

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What If We Didn’t Waste It?

Almost every one takes off the week between Christmas and New Year’s. They stop their workout routine. They stop their nutrition plan. They stop working on the goals… And they wait for January 1. But what if instead of wasting this week, you made 30-minute

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What Percent Are You Giving?

What percent of today’s percent are you giving? Dr. Ken Ravizza was at the forefront of today’s sports psychology movement. He worked at Cal State Fullerton and was instrumental in developing the field as we know it today. One of his common teaching phrases was,

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Grateful for the Wait

The waiting period before an opportunity can be the worst. It’s like purgatory. The startling line is in your rearview and the finish line is (somewhere) ahead of you, but it’s the middle, waiting game that can be the most grueling. You’re not there yet and it’s

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Does It Stop You?

You’re not going to let that one thing stop you, are you? I was in Mexico last week celebrating a friend’s birthday and was reminded about the importance of our attitude and persistence in relation to our success. My wife and I were sitting on

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Why Bigger Goals Make Better People

Are your goals big enough? Unless we’re constantly bumping up against our current “limit,” we never create the opportunity to increase it. One thing my high school coaches did every year to make us better was to schedule a tough non-conference schedule. We’d play anywhere

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Building Better Habits Requires This

Surround yourself with the standard you want. It’s a whole lot easier to build a positive habit when the people you spend the most time with already have that habit. Our habits are the product of three key elements: Choices Circle Environment Each of these

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How to Improve Your Focus

Your focus determines your fate. The battle for our focus is a daily one, if not a minute-by-minute one. Distractions run rampant all around us. Other people vye for our attention. And for those of you reading this who are like me with ADHD or

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Achieving the Mythical Work/Life Balance

What if we could achieve the perfect balance between work and life? Prior to the early 1980s, the idea of a “work/life balance” didn’t exist. It was at this point that we began to chase this idea that everything should be completely balanced. 8 hours of sleep. 8

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