What I Read Last Month (October 2019)

Jake's October Reading List

What I Read Last Month (October 2019)

I’ve shared my favorite reads from over the years on my website here, but thought it would be beneficial to you if I shared a monthly recap of what I read during the past 30 days and what value you can expect if you choose to invest time into reading them too.

Have a recommendation for a good book to read in the future? I’d love for you to email me and let me know!

Talking to StrangersMalcolm Gladwell

The best book I’ve read this year. Actually, I listened to it, which made it even better. Malcolm Gladwell’s fascination with the Sandra Bland trial ignited his deep dive into how we as humans are so bad at judging others, reading facial expressions, and making sense of what’s unfamiliar to us.

Ever been on the completely wrong page as someone you’re communicating with? We all have – which makes this insightful read even more illuminating. Gladwell uses a variety of stories and legal cases to take us on a study of what we expect with the unfamiliar – and more importantly, what we can learn about interacting with those we don’t know. Strangers are never as simple as we might assume.

This was the best read I’ve had this year.

And if you’re into audiobooks or podcast, the audiobook is an incredible experience (the best I’ve listened to yet) with actual audio files, music, and a quality production. It’s worth adding to your phone or audiobook library and investing time to listen to.

Grab your copy of Talking to Strangers here.

Gridiron GeniusMichael Lombardi

Football was always my first love and I’ll take the time to read any book that dives into the intricacies of the game. Former NFL general manager (and 3x Super Bowl champion) turned author Michael Lombardi takes us on a journey throughout his career to share what makes for a winning team at football highest levels.

Lombardi shares stories from Bill Walsh’s San Francisco 49ers to Al Davis’ Oakland Raiders to today’s New England Patriots’ dynasty. Fans of football will love the behind-the-curtain look at how teams are assembled and what actually matters when building the next great team.

It’s also full of key lessons we can use in corporate America when building our companies. I identify the five lessons from this book here that every sales team needs to win in this blog post.

Grab your copy of Gridiron Genius here.

SuperfansPat Flynn

I’ve been a big fan of Pat Flynn since I discovered his Smart Passive Income podcast years ago. I enjoyed listening to Pat’s stories and complete transparency in how he built a thriving community, business, and lifestyle that most simply dream of. His first book Will it Fly? is one of the first recommendations I make to potential entrepreneurs. Unlike most movies where the sequel flops, Pat’s second book is even better.

In Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business, Pat shares how he has been able to build a (rabid) community of customers and grow his business (and impact) year after year. Instead of fluff or quick hacks, Pat shares honest-to-goodness strategies that you can use to build your online influence and serve your important 1,000 super fans. I know because I’ve used some of these strategies over the years – they work.

If you’re a business owner wanting to grow your business, an online influencer wanting to grow your community, or a marketer trying to figure out how to grow your customer base, you need to invest the time to read (and take lots of notes!) Pat’s book Superfans.

Grab your copy of Superfan here.

Quit Like a MillionaireKristy Shen & Bryce Leung

I won’t lie – I had to read multiple chapters, multiple times. Kristy & Bryce PACK this book full of financial information that, if you’re a rookie to winning the financial game (like me), you’ll want a review more than once. This savvy couple share how they went from average salaries to creating the freedom to retire early. Even better, they present the information in easy-to-digest stories and a step-by-step plan that anyone can pickup and start using.

Their subtitle of “No Gimmicks, Luck, or Trust Fund Required” is actually the truth. Their financial freedom simply takes time to follow, discipline to work the plan, and a long-term vision.

If you’re serious about stepping up your savings and financial wellness game, this is a good read to get you going.

Grab your copy of Quit Like a Millionaire here.

With the holidays (quickly) approaching, I’m excited about having time to dive into a number of books I recently bought! I’ll report back next month on how November went!

Have a question for me about one of the books? Share a comment below!

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