Shovel Dirt, Not Doubt

Shovel Dirt, Not Doubt

I struggle feeling that I’m not doing enough.

Typically this feeling rears its ugly head when I’m on a trip and it shows up as a voice in the back of my head, saying “I should be working more.”

What’s funny is that I do a little bit every single day to get better. I’ve got a checklist for mind/body/spirit that I religiously work.

But even after doing work, I still hear the voice trying to guilt me out of being in the “now.”

I haven’t done “enough.”

I finally started asking back, “says who?”

I’ve got big freakin’ goals because I’m trying to make some big freakin changes in people’s lives. My purpose drives me every day – but it can easily go from inspiring driver to heavy negative burden IF I let it.

In case you struggle with this too, here’s what I do:

Every single day I make time for growth:

*Review my big goals & priorities for that day


*Write – even if it’s 3 things I’m grateful for or sketching an idea like this caption.

*Read – 10 minutes of a book.

Then I attack the day.

The voice is loudest when I’m not in my normal routine &  it loves to ROAR on vacation or quick getaways.

But I still attack the day because I want the proof that I GOT better, even if it was just 1% that day.

When I hear the voice, I remind myself what I’ve done already that day to get better and as @JonAcuff taught me, I reaffirm the fact that I’m growing and “I’ve left myself great things to do tomorrow.”

The work is never finished. I’m always going to be showing up to improve so I can better impact.

But like me, you don’t have to feel guilty about not moving the entire mountain some days as long as you kept moving dirt.

Just make sure every day you shovel dirt. #CompeteEveryDay

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