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Hey there, I’m Jake.

I help business leaders & sales teams learn to COMPETE EVERY DAY to build the winning mindset to succeed at work & life!

My work focuses on helping driven people elevate their grit, business & influence in order to succeed in their career & personal life.

Let’s discuss how we can sharpen your team’s focus, enhance their daily process & elevate their output so your organization can WIN BIGGER this year.

Success in today’s rapidly changing landscape requires the development of key soft skills such as leadership, resilience, and laser-focus. As technology continues to automate more technical skills, the individuals who succeed in the future will be those who have invested in building in their grit, focus, and consistency.

Success will be seized by the leaders who have spent the time Cultivating a Winning Mindset™.

If you want to improve your culture, empower your leaders, and increase your bottom line, teach your team to compete every day.

My work focuses on helping clients GROW these four key areas:


Learn how to GROW an unbreakable mindset with grit, consistency, & resilience.


Make bigger impacts by learning how to GROW your leadership ability & influence.


Discover how to GROW your time by sharpening your focus & productivity.


Learn ways to GROW your business by improving your branding, sales, & marketing systems.

“Jake was one of the best speakers we’ve ever had. It was fresh and very effective – he provided a million dollar presentation for our franchise owners. His presentation provided daily takeaways that we implemented the following Monday. He gave a motivational presentation which has created long-term tangible daily results. Our ROI on his 1 hour is going to be really good!” – Paul Moreau, Tech Assurance Franchisor


I help sales organizations, leadership teams, and even college athletes on how they can learn to compete every day against their own previous best in life. By taking what I have learned through my work as an entrepreneur, consultant to industry-leading organizations, and professional speaker, I am able to help my audiences improve their productivity, culture, and mindset to win the day, every day.


Jake Thompson

– Jake Thompson


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Jake Thompson


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I was looking for a speaker who could connect with my Accounting/Finance team both from a professional and personnel perspective, and Jake nailed it… He brought great energy and perspective that really spoke to my entire Corporate team and got them re-focused and energized about their careers, and about competing in Life with a whole new perspective. I highly recommend Jake for your next Corporate event or training!



Jake was just what the doctor ordered for our annual team meeting this year. His message was clear and energizing! Our team is still Competing Everyday thanks to Jake and his time with us. If you want your team to get the mindset needed to elevate their game, then I would highly recommend having Jake come talk to them. Money well spent!



Jake’s energy, delivery, and ability to make the “7 ways to win in life” practical for the workplace and the home life was just what was needed in our plant. The material was very relatable for the diverse group of rising stars and leaders that attended. Jake was able to connect with everyone through his presentation and instill the competitive spirit it takes to WIN in ALL we do!



Jake recently spoke to the transitioning military and spouses at Fort Sill, OK via an American Dream U event. He had a powerful message that resonated with the crowd. The audience left with key takeaways that they could take action on immediately. I've worked with over two hundred different speakers over the years, I would definitely recommend Jake!



“We brought Jake out to start off our annual celebration to help motivate our team and get them in the right mindset going into the first quarter of the new year! Jake was fully engaged, entertaining, and committed to presenting a unique approach to being successful in a competitive industry! We would highly recommend Jake for any event needing a motivational speaker!” – Caonha Dillon, Three Point Search