Start a (Life) Revolution

Start a Revolution

Start a (Life) Revolution

Set off fireworks in your life with a revolution.

Two hundred and forty years ago, our great nation was born with the Declaration of Independence and the decision we would no longer live by the rules others imposed on us. The thirteen American colonies had started a revolution to gain their freedom and new life here in this land, away from the British rule that had once owned them. They believed in a new way, a new attitude, and a new life from their counterparts across the Atlantic.

The limitations the British had imposed were no longer acceptable. So they decided to make a change.

Which begs me to ask – how are the limitations you’re living with? Are they still acceptable? Here are a few simple questions to explore:

  • Do you still dread every single Monday morning you have to go to work?
  • Do your close family and friends still remind you, almost daily, that you cannot pursue that goal you are always talking about?
  • Do you wrestle with the voices in your head that constantly say “you’re not good enough?”
  • Do you believe you’re not good enough?

All limitations imposed on you – by yourself or others. Your friends & family aren’t trying to put limits on you, they just can’t see the world the same way you do. Your inner voice enjoys comfort, the idea of anything outside of that creates fear. But what that voice doesn’t know is that a) all great change requires a step outside of comfort and b) that voice is quickly silenced when you move. Action silences fear.

Can you imagine life without those limits mentioned above? Take a second, step back from the screen, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Just envision believing that you can reach that goal. What would it look like? What would you feel like? How would your life be different?

Now, eyes open. How did that feel? Amazing, I imagine. A life without limitations is free, powerful, & unstoppable. But there’s only one way to remove those limits.

Start a revolution.

Make the conscious decision today to step outside of your comfort zone. To ignore the negative talk. To move toward the goal you’ve only talked about. To regain your freedom.

Today is your day. Set off fireworks in your own life and break free of the limits that have held you. I believe in you.

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