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What a 90 Minute Performance Actually Takes

I saw clips of Kevin Hart recently on the Joe Rogan Podcast on Twitter and decided to download the full interview.

(Here’s a link if you want to as well. FYI – it’s over two hours & contains NSFW language.)

There is a lot great information in their conversation but what stood out most to me is something I’d known for quite some time and appreciated Kevin sharing. Joe asked Kevin about going on tour and when he would do another comedy special, which led Kevin to sharing his formula and timeline.

Here’s what goes into one of Kevin Hart’s 90-minute specials:

Football Isn’t Fair

Neither is life. And that’s why I love them both.

I felt it fitting that today, Super Bowl Sunday, should be the today I break the news. The game of football isn’t fair.

Yes, the field is the same width and length for all players. The football is the same for both teams, and the time on the clock doesn’t sway one way or another. But the game is still not fair.

Certain players (ahem, first rounders) are given extra opportunities that seventh rounders (or free agents) aren’t. You know that guy who committed those off-the-field atrocities? Yea, he’s been signed again because his talent is too much to pass up, while that guy over there (the upstanding citizen) is cut to make room. Even on the field, the odds aren’t even. Some players are just flat-out better than others. They’re born with a rare talent – and even more so, they work hard to make the most of that talent. They have physical advantages that other players on the field will never know. And the best players? Use every ounce of those talents.

Football has been my favorite sport since I could walk. I still remember playing with my dad in our living room as a small child, and those Friday nights in east Texas? They’ll go down as some of the most fun times in my life. I live and die each season with my Horned Frogs & Panthers. The game of football was my first love.

We tune in every single week to watch the game and cheer for our teams. As a society, we love the game of football. Friday nights. Saturdays. Sundays. It’s our favorite time of year, and the TV ratings, ticket & merchandise sales, and water cooler talk all verify this. And I’ve never seen a sport better embody the game of life.

So why, do we complain and moan that life isn’t fair?

Stopping After 18 Minutes

There is a funny quote on Instagram that goes through every CrossFitter’s head during the course of a 20-minute, “as-many-reps-as-possible” workout. It goes:

  • 0:25 – 1st round under 30 seconds, I’m going to kill this workout
  • 1:15 – started too fast, can’t breathe
  • 5:00 – where is the chalk bucket?
  • 10:00 – half way? Screw my life..
  • 15:00 – that damn clock is broken..
  • 18:00 – coach is watching, keep moving, don’t die.
  • 20:00 – oh thank goodness
  • 25:00 (5 minutes post-workout): that wasn’t too bad, I could’ve gotten another round

Every person I’ve showed that to who has experienced a 20-minute workout like this immediately laughs. They know the feeling. They remember wanting to absolutely die during the workout. They remember staring in disbelief that it’s only been 10-minutes of the 20 minute workout. And they all remember the thoughts in their head of quitting.

The thoughts that at minute 16:00 say, “you can stop now, just slow down.” Or perhaps the ones at minute 18:00 encouraging you to pack it in early. Seriously, you just poured yourself out for 18 minutes and you’d honestly consider quitting with 120 seconds left?

That’s like picking up the football at your own 1-yard-line, juking the entire defense twice, and then laying down at the opponents two-yard-line, just short of a touchdown because you got “tired.” Of course you wouldn’t do that. You’d dive into the endzone having received your goal.

Same applies to life.

Success In Life Mainly Comes Down to This

Every blog article & social media post you see in regards to success all claim to have the “one magic formula” to transform you from tired goal-setter to successful goal-crusher. Each one subscribes to a different methodology. It’s quite easy to read through article after article, and yet walk away still thoroughly confused on what will get you from point A (the “now”) to point B (“victory).

We each come from a different background and set of circumstances, and almost all of us have a different goal. Many of you are focused on your sports’ goals. You want to lift “x” amount of weight. Reach “x” level of competition. And win at your sport’s highest level. Others are wanting to start their first business, or perhaps they already have, and are stuck in the midst of the early stages, continually beating their head against the wall in attempt to find the “magic” idea that will change everything overnight. And yet others have set personal health or financial goals, are can’t seem to wrap their mind around why they have yet to hit the same win’s as those “friends” they follow on Facebook.

Regardless of your goal, you are not alone in feeling stuck. We see success all over social media, and in turn begin to compare our “behind the scenes mess with their Sportscenter social media highlight reel.” (credits: Steven Furtick). We become frustrated. Isn’t there one thing I can do to finally get over this “hump” and hit my own journey’s tipping point?

Yes, there is.

Prepared for the Unknown

I’m a third generation entrepreneur. My grandfather had a construction company and even after retirement still works from time to time on projects. My dad built a chain of 13+ convenience stores around the greater east Texas area before retiring. And now, like a true hustler, he un-retired because he was bored. The itch to start & grow a business has been in my blood from an early age. But I failed to find a true outlet for it.