The Adventure of Entrepreneurship

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The Adventure of Entrepreneurship

The following piece is a blog post I contributed to the University of Dallas alumni network on entrepreneurship & advice for future industry-changers. “What did I get myself into?”

Those are the words that consistently ran through my mind for the first two years of starting my own business. I was overwhelmed and to be honest, had no idea what I was doing half the time. It was a trial by fire, where every day you are learning as you go. I think it’s a position most entrepreneurs can remember. We have an idea, we launch the idea, and yet we still aren’t prepared for all that we encounter.

And that’s the fun of it.There’s nothing like finally taking that leap and turning dream into reality. It’s exhilarating, frustrating, motivating, and humbling all at the same time. 

It’s been quite the adventure since I started my MBA program at the University of Dallas in January 2007. I’d entered the program preparing to pattern my life after that of Hollywood’s fictitious super-agent, Jerry Maguire. I had already invested two years as an intern in the representation industry. But life threw me a curveball and with just two weeks left in my MBA program, I chose to quit my pursuit of being a sports agent. I started working with a number of local sports teams, businesses, and individuals through my newly founded marketing consulting business. I had every intention of building it into something that would challenge the major agencies of DFW. But again, two years later, I found an irresistible itch – the itch to build something far bigger than just myself and to do more than just build things for my own selfish gain. 

The motivational idea of “competing for your life” ate at me until I realized this was one of life’s major forks in the road to take. I decided to choose the more daunting path.

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