The Arena Small Group Coaching


“I’ve always tended to struggle with  dreaming bigger and creating a road map on how to execute these goals.

Jake encouraged me to aim higher and he did great in juggling my ‘realist’ while also challenging me. We talked about new strategies I was doing regularly but wanted to change up, big wins, and a few losses/ hard lessons learned.

Our conversations helped me remain energized and kept me focused, which in turn produced fantastic results. I proudly went from being a total newbie to my team and this side of the industry, to being the top sales professional in my company for the first quarter. I wound up with a bigger win than what my ‘realistic self’ would have ever imagined.”

Private Community

You’ll join our members-only private Facebook community, exclusive to members in The Arena with you. It’s a safe place that you can share your battles, find encouragement, and get your questions answered by Jake and the Arena Competitors.

Monthly LIVE Trainings

Engage with Jake each month on Arena coaching video calls, covering topics on grit, growth mindset, success habits, focus, and leadership. You’ll also hear from fellow Competitors on what’s working in their work, workouts, and life.

Each month’s call will be recorded so you can access again later or if you weren’t able to join live.


Embrace one of the biggest keys to success by having accountability to do the work you need to and reach the goals you’ve set for your work and life. We’ll challenge you to rise to the standard set for your life and celebrate your progress when you do.

Weekly Guide

Receive a weekly letter from Jake to help set your focus and intention to compete. Start your week Sunday by setting a tone of victory for the week ahead.

Resources & Tools

Receive access to The Competitor Scorecard, productivity hacks, and other resources that Jake uses to grow in his work, his workouts, and his life.

“Being coached by Jake Thompson has been unreal. He helped me get my podcast off the ground and think through next steps for my side hustle. He’s full of knowledge in multiple arenas and shares it. It’s safe to say my plan to create income wouldn’t be here without Jake. He’s helped me think through what to do, how to do it, and where to go if I need additional resources. If you’re looking to work with someone, Jake’s your man!”