To Compete is to Act

To Compete is to Act

Seth Godin just posted about the circus. “The circus doesn’t wait to be called. They show up. They show up and sell tickets.”

In other words, they don’t wait for the invitation. They don’t hesitate or look for permission. They don’t ask if “it’s ok” to be there.

They just act.

The world is deprived of great art by those who wait. 

My friend Kevin Lavelle didn’t ask if the world wanted a performance dress shirt, he just got to work creating it. The world followed with many giant brands trying to copy the concept & product he’s proven. If he’d waited on the fashion industry to give him permission, he’d still be waiting.

Andy Luten didn’t wait to see if people would accept his photography or learn travel from him. He didn’t ask if he had what it takes to capture beauty in the world around us, he just grabbed his camera and went to work. He didn’t wait for someone to tell him it’s ok to fly the world on a small budget. He refined his craft, but he didn’t yield or wait for people to ask him first. He acted.

These are just two examples of people who refused to wait on permission from the outside world and instead “showed up and started selling tickets.” There are thousands others.

The world has enough negativity and silence. The world needs more positivity and art. And you are personally responsible to add what it needs.

Show up today.

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