What Percent Are You Giving?

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What Percent Are You Giving?

What percent of today’s percent are you giving?

Dr. Ken Ravizza was at the forefront of today’s sports psychology movement. He worked at Cal State Fullerton and was instrumental in developing the field as we know it today.

One of his common teaching phrases was,

“Give 100% of whatever you have to win the next pitch.”

We all have days where we lack our 100%.

Sometimes it’s physical. I have days where I’ll go to the gym and the same weight will feel twice as heavy as it did just the other day. My workout goes from being enjoyable to a grind.

Sometimes it’s mental. There are mornings where my head is in a complete fog. Other mornings, I can feel my ADHD running in overdrive.

Maybe you can relate. Some days you wake up and know you’ve got your A-game – and others you realize as you’re brushing your teeth that today is going to be a battle with far less than your 100%.

On each of those days, what percent of your day’s percentage are you giving?

Are you giving 100% of what you’ve got on the day in the gym you feel like 60%?

Are you giving 100% of what you’ve got during that sales presentation when you know you’re struggling to maintain 25% energy & focus today?

Winners in life understand that they won’t have their A-game every day, but it’s still their choice if they give 100% effort in those moments.

Anyone can do their best when they’ve got everything working. A pitcher can give their best when they feel motivated, the weather is perfect, and their fastball is humming.

But what about those days when it’s raining, cold, and their fastball just isn’t moving like it normally does. Will they give their best then – or do what the majority of society does and mail it in?

This choice – to always give 100% or not – is a choice that separates winners from the rest of society.

Winners train themselves to always give their best. So what can we do to better train our mentality to do the same?

  • On the days you don’t have 100%, ask yourself what it will look like to still give everything you’ve got – and then do it.
  • Train yourself to not allow how you feel to determine how much effort you give. When the weights feel extra heavy in the gym, will you push yourself as hard as you can or mail in your effort?

You improve your ability to give 100% of that day’s % by teaching yourself that effort¬†is always your choice¬†and identifying opportunities to give better effort.

If you want to win this day, you’ve got to give 100% of what you’ve got toward it.

25%, 55% or even 90% of what your best is that day, give 100% toward that next moment if you want to win it.

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