top reasons to hire jake
we know you have a lot of choices when it comes to deciding which speaker to hire. here are a few of our favorites on why you should hire jake.


Jake isn’t the type of motivational speaker you’re used to. In addition to captivating stories, Jake shares simple, actionable takeaways your audience can put into practice immediately to start building their competitive edge.


Jake has over a decade of experience in business, building a 7-figure brand, working as a fractional performance executive in organizations, hosting a podcast ranked in the top 1% globally, and directly influencing over 75,000 people between his programs & products on how to better compete every day. He teaches real-world lessons instead of just ideas & theory.


Jake’s programs are customized specifically to your audience, their challenges, & your organization’s goals. We learn your team & culture during our pre-event planning call process so that there are no canned, generic speeches!


Jake prides himself on being easy to work with and the lowest maintenance person at the event. Clients tell us that Jake is the easiest speaker they’ve had to work with in years of hosting events.


When you hire Jake, you’re not just hiring a speaker for your event. You’re hiring a partner who will work with you to help your audience & make your event their best experience yet.


Jake can record a video prior to the event to help promote registration & connect with your audience ahead of time.

We invited Jake to speak at our annual staff retreat - and he crushed it!!! Jake was great to work with - he took the time to get to know our group in advance, and truly cared about making the day/event unique to fit for what our group was looking. There was no ‘cookie cutter’ presentation, but rather an engaging and personalized time together. The three things that I like most about working with Jake were 1) He took the time to identify our needs/message in advance, 2) He spoke both ‘to and with’ our team, as compared to speaking ‘at’ them, and 3) He was able to make genuine connections with our Team Members during the session. Jake was able to inspire our Team Members and provide both personal and professional takeaways to help one improve him/her self!
Robin Shelton
Newport Beach Country Club