Why We Have to Improve Our Weaknesses

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Why We Have to Improve Our Weaknesses

How often do you attack your weaknesses?⁣

I suck at deadlifts.⁣

Like suck.⁣

It’s been a weakness of mine for years.

I built a decent strength base years ago but never fully attacked it as I do squatting.⁣

But I need to.⁣

And so do you. (Ok, maybe not deadlifts, but your weakness).⁣

Our weaknesses, be it…

  • deadlifts
  • sales calls
  • making YouTube videos
  • having tough conversations with your spouse
  • time blocking
  • even practicing gratitude

…don’t just get better on their own.⁣

They get better with reps.⁣

Many people stick their heads in the sand like an ostrich and wish it would magically get better or disappear.⁣

As if we suddenly wake up one day more confident and more capable at doing the thing which we avoid doing.⁣

Winners know that the only way to turn a weakness into a strength is through intentional reps.⁣

Heck, forget a strength. The only way to turn a weakness into something that isn’t a liability is through intentional actions.⁣

Start small.⁣

Spend 30 minutes this week training that weakness. That’s just SIX MINUTES a workday!⁣

Put time in your calendar (and your phone) to work on what ails you.⁣

Focus on improvement – not perfection. You don’t have to be great at something to start doing it…⁣

…but you do have to start doing it if you one day want to be better at it!⁣

You don’t have to turn your weakness into your greatest asset but if you want to build a competitive edge, make sure you turn it into something that is stronger than an Achilles Heel.⁣

Make time this week to turn that weakness into something that gives you an advantage.⁣

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