You’ll Never Be 100% Ready

Jake Thompson speaking

You’ll Never Be 100% Ready

But if you keep waiting on that “perfect” time, you’ll never move off of the starting line.

I’ve been working on a new keynote for my upcoming speaking engagements. I’ve written it (and rewritten it) numerous times trying to refine the messaging for the best impact. I’ve read through it aloud, recorded myself reading it aloud, and can recite sections flawlessly.

But I still don’t feel close to ready with it. I could work on the speech for the next five years and it’ll still not be “ready” if I think about it. It’s still a work in progress in my eyes – it will always be a work in progress in my eyes.

Guess what happens if I’m constantly working on that speech instead of giving that speech? That’s right, I’m not actually a speaker. I have a great written keynote, but if it’s never performed, can it ever positively impact someone else?

Of course not!

We stand at the starting line of our life for so many opportunities:

  • Finding a new job that we actually enjoy going to each week
  • Asking that person out we’ve known for years
  • Starting our first business – or second after failing once before

We stand at the starting line just hesitating until our “perfect” moment arrives. But guess what? It never does!

The “perfect time” that society tries to sell you on DOES NOT EXIST! So why do we waste so much time waiting on it? Every second wasted is a second that could have been used to start something new – a second we’ll never get back.

I stood in front of a couple hundred high school volleyball players and delivered that “not ready yet” talk. I missed a couple of points. My blocking wasn’t perfect. And I know I rushed through some of it.

But I would have never known what to correct unless I’d given the speech and evaluated myself after. I wouldn’t have known where I’d trip up by simply practicing in my office or reading alone at my house.

You have to put it out there, learn what works and what doesn’t, adjust, and keep competing onward. It’s the only way you’ll ever get anything of value done in life.

Less waiting. More competing. This week and beyond.

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