Jake Thompson | Dallas Keynote Speaker and Peak Performance Coach

Your Dream Is Worth It

All go, no quit competitor

If it’s your big dream, it’s worth…
The long hours
The early mornings
The painful setbacks
The late nights
The missed happy hours
The hard work
The bad day

If it’s your big dream, it’s worth…
Dumping your excuses
Ignoring the negative voices
Betting on yourself
Taking the risk
Finally starting to pursue it
Every single life positively impacted along the way

If it’s your big dream, it’s worth overcoming every single thing to compete for it – then achieve it. It’s worth giving full effort to turn that dream into a goal with a deadline, then reaching it.

And it’s worth ending on empty in the pursuit of it.

If it’s your big dream, it’s your life. And it’s always worth competing for.

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