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Elevate performance in work, relationships, and life by discovering how to own a championship mindset through company training and executive coaching.

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Increase performance, build a winning culture, and reach your business goals with Jake Thompson as a motivational speaker for your conference or event.

Jake Thompson

Athlete | Author | Entrepreneur | Speaker

Hi, I’m Jake and I teach people to how to compete every day to reach their full potential – in their career + life. It’s through my own experience as an athlete, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker that I’ve learned how we can move closer to the career, health, and life we desire by changing just a few of our choices each day. It’s the small shifts in our focus & daily actions that build our winning mindset – and winning life.

Jake Thompson, Leadership Motivational Speaker
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Discover how working with Jake as a motivational speaker for your event or workshop can help your team improve their GRIT, MINDSET, & SKILLS so they can succeed repeatedly in our ever-changing, hyper-competitive world.

Compete Every Day

The not-so-secret secret to winning in your work and life

Learn how to become your best so you can bring your best every day and separate yourself from the competition. In this popular new book, learn the seven key choices that the best of the best make on a daily basis – and how you can start making them too. You’ll learn ways to enhance your focus, increase your standards of success, & ultimately reach your professional & personal goals.


I have been following Jake’s blog for a number of years and always appreciate his endless energy and no-nonsense approach to overcoming challenges. We had Jake speak at our 2022 sales conference and he provided an even better in-person and motivational experience for our team. His willingness to engage on a personal basis and to take time to understand how we’re building our business made him a crowd favorite.

John Mina

CEO, Risk Strategies

So glad we utilized Jake for our sales team.

Jake delivered the principles in a very relatable, upbeat and positive style and really helped the group to appreciate more how they are accountable for their own success and personal growth. The lessons acted not only great reminders but also highlighted new tactics on evaluating personal effectiveness and efficiency that will go right into action with our team. Enlightening, impactful and applicable. We definitely got better as individuals and sales professionals as a result.

Todd Green

Titleist Golf

Jake Thompson is a dynamic speaker with a charisma that you feel whether sitting in the same room or participating virtually. He is master at connecting and engaging the audience.  I was interested, entertained, and learned a new way to organize my daily to-do’s so I can feel successful at the end of the day and organized the following. From an event perspective, he is amazing to work with. He was always two steps ahead ready to offer help for marketing promos, video reels, connecting to customize the presentation for our group, etc. He is a true professional.
If you are thinking about booking Jake Thompson—do it. I’m glad I did.

Shaida Haberlach

Project Director, Seattle Study Club
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