Jake Thompson | Keynote Speaker on Grit, Sales, & Leadership


Learn how embracing your inner Competitor can build accountability and grit, while empowering your team members to step up as leaders and help your company win.

Jake Thompson, speaker

Build Your Grit.
Increase Your Performance.
Win Your Year.

Is your company equipped to succeed not only this year, but for the next 5-10 years?

Success in today’s rapidly changing corporate landscape depends more on your soft skills than your hard skills. Are your employees equipped with the mindset to continually show up and strive for more?

Or are they sleepwalking through their workday?

Release a fire within your employees by booking Jake to teach them how they can cultivate a WINNING mindset in their work and life.

Jake will deliver an incredibly impactful keynote speech that is specifically designed to transform your team into Competitors who make bigger impacts.


What Separates Great Teams?

Grit. Accountability. A Competitor’s Winning Mindset.

According to LinkedIn, 92% of talent professionals say that soft skills matter more than hard skills when they hire – and are increasingly important to the company’s success.

Grit. Growth mindset. Accountability. Leadership. These are the soft skills that transform careers and companies today and into the future.

Learn how to empower leaders in your organization to grow and equip them with the Winning Mindset that turn them into elite performers.

By the end of work together, none of your team players will be comfortable just sitting on the bench. Enjoy consistently outperforming last year with:

  • Increased productivity – because competitors are focused & driven to reach their goals!
  • A winning team of seasoned warriors – because Jake will challenge them to elevate their game!
  • Proactive employees that are invested in the companybecause you’ve invested in their individual growth!
  • Boosted company moralebecause everyone needs a break from the desk to get motivated and re-energized! 

If you’re ready to transform your employees into powerful performers…

Jake Thompson speaker
Jake Thompson speaker


Learn elements of the 5 Traits of a Winning Competitor and how you can apply them to your work, workouts, and life.

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