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Empower your team with the grit, focus, & mindset required for a winning culture & career!


I teach teams who want to be great learn how their members can lead better & achieve more at work & in life.

Keynotes + Workshops

Jake's customized programs focus on cultivating the winning mindset & culture to build grit, accountability, & positive leadership necessary for success.

The "Compete Every Day" Book

What if the key to reaching your full potential wasn't about what talents you were born with, but something more that was 100% in your control?

The Podcast

Weekly interviews designed to help you learn actionable tips to level up your career, training, & life.


Join a select group of driven people as we work together to improve their focus, mindset, & business so they can reach new levels of success.


The companies with lasting success are those who invest in leaders that will compete today.

According to LinkedIn, 92% of talent professionals say that soft skills matter more than hard skills when they hire – and are increasingly important to the company’s success.

Grit. Growth mindset. Accountability. Leadership. These are the mental performance skills that transform careers and companies.


What If The Key To Reaching Your Full Potential Wasn’t About What Talents You Were Born With, But Something More?

Discover how a Competitor’s Mindset can elevate your success. Jake Thompson, author & founder of Compete Every Day, will motivate and empower you to embrace your inner Competitor and strive for the higher levels of success in your work and life that you’re truly capable of achieving.
“Jake was one of the best speakers we’ve ever had. It was fresh and very effective – he provided a million dollar presentation for our franchise owners. His presentation provided daily takeaways that we implemented the following Monday. He gave a motivational presentation which has created long-term tangible daily results. Our ROI on his 1 hour is going to be really good!”

Latest Posts

Read my latest articles on how you can GROW your business, influence, time, & mindset to help you win your work & life.

Are You Celebrating or Sulking?

Are You Celebrating or Sulking?

What matters most to you – winning or getting all of the credit? Michael Jordan was quickly emerging as one of the top players in the NBA as he started his second season in the league. He came out on fire during the first few games of the 1985 season before fracturing a bone in […]

You’re Not Alone Battling Imposter Syndrome

You’re Not Alone Battling Imposter Syndrome

I originally sat down and wrote this to you about two hours before I took the stage for 350 insurance industry leaders at a conference in Nebraska. Odd time to write an article, right? Then Covid-19 hit the nation and changed everything, so I decided to shelf this post. I had planned to keep it in […]

How Leaders Can Handle a Bad Coworker

How Leaders Can Handle a Bad Coworker

Is that someone using your favorite coffee mug again? Is that someone in a sour mood, all of the time, and seems to just drain the life out of the office? Is that someone sitting right next to you every single day? I’ve been there with a coworker too. You get an almost knot in […]

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