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Using What Time You’ve Got

Sometimes we need a small reframe to take that next step. When you don’t have as much time as you want, will you choose to waste it or use it? I got into a poor routine the last few weeks with my travel schedule being

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Why We Have to Improve Our Weaknesses

How often do you attack your weaknesses?⁣⁣I suck at deadlifts.⁣⁣Like suck.⁣⁣It’s been a weakness of mine for years. I built a decent strength base years ago but never fully attacked it as I do squatting.⁣⁣But I need to.⁣⁣And so do you. (Ok, maybe not deadlifts, but your

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What Percent Are You Giving?

What percent of today’s percent are you giving? Dr. Ken Ravizza was at the forefront of today’s sports psychology movement. He worked at Cal State Fullerton and was instrumental in developing the field as we know it today. One of his common teaching phrases was,

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Why Bigger Goals Make Better People

Are your goals big enough? Unless we’re constantly bumping up against our current “limit,” we never create the opportunity to increase it. One thing my high school coaches did every year to make us better was to schedule a tough non-conference schedule. We’d play anywhere

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How to Separate Yourself

Everyone wants to win, but few are willing to make the small choices to actually win. And it starts with consistency. Learn one tip that will help you be more consistent so you can grow closer to being a Champion.

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The Power of This Tiny Word

It’s incredible how one three-letter word can completely change how we show up.⁣ ⁣ “Yet.”⁣ The subtle, yet dangerously powerful reminder that you may not be where you want to be right now, but you’re on the way.⁣ ⁣ It’s only a matter of time.⁣

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Reframing That Negative

What if all you really needed was a change in perspective? Learn how the practice of reframing can change your situation without changing, well, anything else.

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Just Let Go

What if this week, you just LET GO of everything holding you back? What would your life look like? How much faster could you reach your goal? How much happier would you be? Let go of the things I mention in the video so you

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What If We Took on Challenges?

If you’re not challenged, you’re not competing. If you’re not competing, you’re not growing. And if you’re not growing, how can you ever expect to become ready to win?

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Why We Take On Challenges

When was the last time you intentionally did something beyond your comfort zone? For me, it was playing golf for the first time in a decade. I felt uncomfortable. I knew I was going to suck. But I needed that discomfort because it was the

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Does Success Cause You to Slip?

Do you let success make you slip? For a number of us, the answer is yes. We make some progress and then become complacent. And we miss out on the opportunities we’d previously worked so hard to set ourselves up for. Push that pedal to

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You’re Not Alone Battling Imposter Syndrome

I originally sat down and wrote this to you about two hours before I took the stage for 350 insurance industry leaders at a conference in Nebraska. Odd time to write an article, right? Then Covid-19 hit the nation and changed everything, so I decided to

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Backup Ready

This past Sunday, future Hall of Fame NFL quarterbacks Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger went down with injuries. Multiple other starters are battling injuries and out for a game or the season, including Cam Newton, Nick Foles, Sam Darnold, and Trevor Siemeon. Every NFL team’s

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Four Ways to Cultivate Your Winning Mindset

The road to success is a long one. Successful people continually understand that the starting point to any victory is in their mind. I’m not promoting the theory that “if you believe it’ll happen, it’ll happen” because that’s a false reality painted on society. I

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Are You Playing Fantasy Football with Your Career?

Football season has returned, and with it, fantasy football. It’s the time of year when more than 59 million North Americans invest more than $7 billion into individual players’ performances every Sunday during NFL season. And inevitably, your weekly bragging rights will come down to

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