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Strengths & Growth Opportunities

Have you ever struggled with the idea that you don’t belong? That you don’t fit in or that everybody else is better than you? If you have, don’t worry. Imposter syndrome is real and a lot of high achievers feel it. Recently, one of my

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December 31st will be here before you know it. Are you waiting on that date? Are you hoping that you’ll go after your goal at the end of the year? Or are you doing the work today to get after it? Even if it’s a

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Where to Find Less Competition

The level of your competition decreases as the size of your goal increases. The problem most people have is that they set average, easily attainable goals. They end up with more people around them who are also going after average. The higher up you go,

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What About Your Next One?

As we come to the end of the year, it’s easy to think about the previous 10 months, but it’s more important to focus on what you’re going to do about this one. It’s easy to let last month dictate this month, last week affect

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Success Isn’t An Accident

Most people think that success is accidental or it’s about lucky breaks. And sometimes it is. But, success throughout life is not an accident. It’s an intentional choice you make every single day.  A lot of us tend to go through life making unintentional choices. We

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“It must be nice to always be motivated and always feel energetic!” Have you ever heard that from the haters or critics, your friends or family? I have and I’m betting you have too. People see you training consistently, working on your goals, and doing

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Feasts Kill Beasts

I have a question for you. When is a lion, the king of the jungle, most vulnerable? The answer is: after they eat. Lions are pretty interesting creatures. They hunt, then eat, and then they’ll fall asleep. After they feast, they go lay down and

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If you want your habits to stick, you’ve got to make them easier. Too often, we make things too complicated. We think we have to jump through a certain amount of hoops when we don’t. Are you wondering why your new habit or process you’re

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Never Quit In The Valley

I was talking with my business coach recently, and she could hear the fatigue in my voice.  I’ve got a full plate right now because I’m juggling a lot of new responsibilities and extra travel. Even though I’m sleeping and eating well and still training,

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What’s Getting a Better Workout?

Are you working out your thumbs or working out your thoughts?  I heard this phrase recently, and I loved it concerning leadership. It’s so easy for us to work out our thumbs daily. Who are we texting? What social media are we scrolling through? What

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No One Drifts Toward Productive

I was talking with a friend recently about the “slow fade.” For example, we never intend to get out of shape, but sometimes we just stop eating as well or training as often and one day we realize our pants don’t fit. That change didn’t

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Is it Your Crutch or Your Chisel

Recently, I’ve been listening to Cameron Hanes’ audiobook, Keep Hammering. One of the things he talks about is his childhood and the fractured relationship he had with his parents. His theory is that you can look at your past as a crutch or a chisel.

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Even the Mentally Tough Hear The Excuses

I felt like such a fraud for years. I’d be in the middle of a workout and start to hear the excuse to cut the workout short or go lighter. I swear I even looked around a few times to see if someone else heard

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Using What Time You’ve Got

Sometimes we need a small reframe to take that next step. When you don’t have as much time as you want, will you choose to waste it or use it? I got into a poor routine the last few weeks with my travel schedule being

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Why We Have to Improve Our Weaknesses

How often do you attack your weaknesses?⁣⁣I suck at deadlifts.⁣⁣Like suck.⁣⁣It’s been a weakness of mine for years. I built a decent strength base years ago but never fully attacked it as I do squatting.⁣⁣But I need to.⁣⁣And so do you. (Ok, maybe not deadlifts, but your

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What Percent Are You Giving?

What percent of today’s percent are you giving? Dr. Ken Ravizza was at the forefront of today’s sports psychology movement. He worked at Cal State Fullerton and was instrumental in developing the field as we know it today. One of his common teaching phrases was,

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Why Bigger Goals Make Better People

Are your goals big enough? Unless we’re constantly bumping up against our current “limit,” we never create the opportunity to increase it. One thing my high school coaches did every year to make us better was to schedule a tough non-conference schedule. We’d play anywhere

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