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Most people you know will avoid doing the work required to win. They’ll dream of achieving their many goals but take no action to accomplish them. They’ll wish for great changes in their life, but only if someone else gives it to them. They finish their career & lives having never taken action to create the change they desire.

My Executive Coaching program helps you elevate your performance in work, relationships, and life by discovering how to build your own champion mindset.

If you are ready start winning, then this might be for you.

Is it for you?

Do you struggle to focus on the "right" tasks in order to advance your caree?.
Are you constantly busy – but rarely ever move forward toward your goal?
Do you know what you "need" to do but can’t find the motivation to do it?
Do you have BIG goals but no idea on how to create a plan to reach them?
Do you battle negative self-talk and want to build a more positive mindset?
Do you lack accountability to stick with what you said you'd do?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, than my executive coaching program is for you.

what you get


1-on-1 Coaching

You’ll receive two (2) private coaching calls per month where we work developing your winning systems & mindset. I’m here to help you build the habits that will allow you to reach your target goals.


Focus Areas

Our calls will focus on building your laser-focus, positive self-talk, & daily systems in order to strength your Winning Mindset & life.



This is a “no BS” relationship. You’ll be held accountable to doing the work & following through with your commitments. I want to see you win – and in order to do that, we’ll focus on getting things DONE.


Training Materials

You’ll get worksheets & training manuals that have been used to build proven, winning routines. We’ll work together on how to customize them to fit your goal pursuits.


Weekly Motivation

You’ll receive a brief email each weekend at 6am to help you reset after the week and prepare to win the following one by increasing your skills & leadership influence.

Coaching sessions with Jake have been transformative and instrumental to my current level of success. I signed up for coaching once I made the decision to change careers after 25+ years.


Jake is a compassionate, educated, and insightful leader and mentor. I continue to be impressed by his ability to quickly analyze challenges and provide both solutions and accountability.


Coaches need coaches. Mentors need mentors. Jake has been both a coach and mentor who has helped me discover the accessory work that I needed to complete in order to be my best on the competition floor of my profession.


I plan on having Jake on my coaching staff for a long time. Put him on yours – and you will quickly understand why his services are so highly desired.

- Dr. S. Fisher

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